Students explode a cave with a notebook and a flashlight.
Ohio Center for Ecological and Evolutionary Studies

Ohio Center for Ecology and Evolutionary Studies (OCEES)


The Ohio Center for Ecological and Evolutionary Studies (OCEES) resides in the College of Arts and Sciences. The mission of the center is to advance understanding of ecology and evolutionary biology (EEB) through an interdisciplinary learning and research community, by integrating cutting-edge science and technology with undergraduate and graduate education.

The core philosophy of OCEES is that the frontiers of EEB are advanced by integrating diverse conceptual and methodological approaches from different academic disciplines. An interdisciplinary approach stimulates new areas of research and collaboration and increases interchange among diverse faculty and students. Accordingly, the best preparation we can provide our students is engagement in research in integrative biology.


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Undergraduate Research Immersion Program (UGRIP)


The community of OCEES faculty, post-docs, visiting professors, and graduate students provides the opportunity to engage aspiring undergraduates in scientific inquiry-based learning and research. The Undergraduate Research Immersion Program (UGRIP) is open to all students interested in ecology, evolutionary biology, and organismal biology on a competitive basis.  The aim is to engage students in a formal OCEES seminar series, as well as research immersion opportunities.




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