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It is permitted to review material as you are taking the test.  For review return to hazmat transportation training

This test and the Security Module test must be completed in order to be certified for hazardous materials transportation awareness.  Print the test sheet and begin the test.  A score of 80% must be obtained to pass. The answers can be typed in first but if you leave the page and return the typed answers won't be there.  Once the test is completed check your answers.  If a question is missed review the material again and correct your answer.

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1. Name three hazardous materials or types.

2. What do you do if you are transporting a substance that may be hazardous?

3. Who do you contact about transportation needs of hazardous substances?

4. What title and part of the Code of Federal Regulation (CFR) applies to transportation of hazardous materials?

5. What is the maximum fine to the University for violation of the Hazardous Materials Regulatons (HMR)?

6. Where do you look to determine if hazardous materials packaging is the appropriate packaging?

7. How often must a hazardous materials employee be retrained?

8. Where do you look to determine the proper shipping name and classification of a hazardous material?

9. What are the three main ways hazardous materials hazards are communicated?

10. A hazardous materials placard communicates the hazards expected in a transport vehicle. What communicates the hazard in a package?

11. Name one section of the HMR that addresses stowage and segregation of hazardous materials?

NOTE! Please print this test and sign your name at the bottom. Send to: Risk Management and Safety, University Service Center, Rm 142 (for OU employees only).


Please check the test for incorrect answers. If there are incorrect answers please review the appropriate section and correct the incorrect response. Thanks for taking the Hazardous Materials Awareness Training.