The best way to be sure you have the resources available to meet unforeseen emergencies is to have the protection of a sound health benefits program. Ohio University is dedicated to providing such a program.

Our health benefits program is designed to provide protection for you and your family when there is illness, disability, or death. We believe it is a comprehensive program that represents an important part of your total compensation.

Core benefits include health, vision, employee dental, and mental health insurance; prescription drug benefits; employee basic life insurance; and long-term disability insurance. Employees also have the opportunity to purchase additional life insurance for themselves or their dependents and family dental and/or orthodontia insurance. Health and dependent day care flexible spending accounts are also available.

Health Care Cost Reporting on W-2
The Affordable Care Act requires employers to report the cost of coverage under an employer-sponsored group health plan.  When filing your personal tax return for calendar year 2014, you may be required to indicate if you had qualifying health care coverage for you and any covered dependents (if filing jointly) by checking a box on line 61 of  IRS Form 1040 or by completing IRS Form 8965.  If you are required to provide proof of coverage, you may be able to use the following:
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