Farewell to Jennifer Hall

Jennifer HallJennifer Hall, Director of Development, accepted another position within University Advancement on March 1. We wish Jennifer well in her new position – she will be missed. A search is currently underway to appoint a new development officer for the Cutler Scholars program.

Watch out for Speeding Elephants

by Rachel Ackerman, Gibby-Cutler Scholar ‘12

Rachel AckermanBangkok’s lingering impression on my privileged mind is a twisting concoction of roads with no apparent organization and no functional payphones. Children prowl the street with flowers and hand-made crafts in search of patrons as legless men tug trousers for change; the experience drew not only pity for my fellow humans subjected to such dismal existences but also inspiration from their will to live and make the most with what little has been provided to them. Read more

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Cutler Lessons for Life

by Matthew Wisecup, Hughes-Cutler Scholar ‘05

Matthew WisecupI still remember the first time I heard about the Manasseh Cutler Scholarship. My English teacher passed me in the hall and made mention of a scholarship that offered great opportunities. At the time, the Cutler Scholarship was a mystery, but I recalled being excited at the vague prospect of having all my college expenses paid and being able to travel abroad. At the conclusion of that brief conversation, my teacher encouraged me to apply. Fortunately for me, I listened. Now, years later, as I look back on my time as a Cutler Scholar, I have come to realize more than ever what a tremendous opportunity it was. Read more

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A Trip to China

by Annette Ratcliff, Ellis-Cutler Scholar ‘06

The Great Wall of ChinaStanding on the Great Wall of China is truly a breathtaking moment. The mammoth structure extends from underneath your feet to beyond the farthest mountains your eyes can reach. To know it is only a small fraction of the entire wall is almost beyond comprehension and certainly humbling. Never did I imagine I would be so lucky. Read more

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Opportunities as a Cutler Scholar

by Michael Taylor, Konneker-Cutler Scholar ‘05

Michael and his wifeAs I think back on the past six years since graduation, I can see how each aspect of the Cutler Scholar program has influenced my path. The most direct impact of the Cutler Scholar program was my internship experience during my senior year. I interned in Columbus at PwC, a public accounting firm. As an accounting major, this internship gave me the opportunity to get a realistic picture of working as a public accountant. At the end of the internship, I received an offer to start work full time after graduation. I have been working at PwC in Columbus for almost six years. Read more

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More than Just Tuition

by Patrick Karnes, Konneker Scholar ‘08

Patrick KarnesWhen I first learned that I had been selected for the Konneker-Cutler Scholarship, I was most excited for the full tuition the scholarship promised. From my first week on campus, however, I realized that the award offers so much more than money. Though the tuition was extremely helpful, it was the other elements of this program that pushed me to be the best that I could be and prepared me for life outside of the college bubble.

My Cutler scholarship has helped me in so many ways already in my life. The tuition assistance was great and has afforded me many opportunities during and after college. However, the colloquia, the summer experiences, and the relationship with my benefactor have given me skills which prove invaluable every day.  These things have made me incomparably thankful for the scholarship that turned out to be so much more than just tuition. Read more

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Colloquia Review: Personal Effects of the Internet

by Dr. Herman “Butch” Hill, Cutler Scholars Director

Dr. Butch HillTiming is everything. Just as the Cutler Scholars began studying effects of the Internet on personal reputations, suddenly there were revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt—sparked at least in part by activities on the web. President Mubarak’s reputation was trashed online, while that of previously unknown Khaled Said was elevated to martyr status. Our biweekly discussions with the Templeton Scholars suddenly became less theoretical. Read more

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Cutler Scholars Reveal True Colors

by Dr. Karen Deardorff, Cutler Scholars Associate Director

Karen DeardorffAmidst the laughter and good-natured kidding in the Bentley Hall classroom was a serious air of thoughtful discovery. Shouts of “what color are you” could be heard throughout the room as the Scholars and Cutler staff completed the True Colors leadership assessment tool. True Colors is a model of personality identification that can be used to foster and enhance healthy and productive relationships in work, college, and personal life situations. 

Kevin Smith, assistant director for Leadership Community Service in the Campus Involvement Center, facilitated the assessment process and subsequent discussion about how our personality styles impact our interactions and relationships with others. Read more

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Cameo Appearances

by Dr. Herman “Butch” Hill, Cutler Scholars Director

Now that almost ninety of you have graduated, the hallway photo gallery had gotten crowded. We had some pictures hanging so high that only Pete Richardson and Patrick Karnes could see them easily! The plan was to replace the individual 8 x 10 pictures with a framed composite for each class, with individual cameos of every alumna/us. Frankly, I was not sure I would like the smaller pictures but had a long time worry as the project took several months to complete. Ever since last fall, the hallway has been bare. That is until this morning! Read more

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