Rob Hammer
Bush Cutler Scholar
Outward Bound Experience, Backpacking in Colorado

“The Rockies in particular had a special draw for me because of their size, remoteness and beauty. They seemed like a perfect place to have an adventure."

"We climbed two peaks during our trip, Mt. Owen and Mt. Eureka, both over 13,000 feet. These long, steep climbs at high altitudes proved to be very difficult and physically exhausting, but the reward of reaching the top made it all worthwhile. Not much compares to being on top of a mountain, it is hard to say what is better: the view or the feeling of accomplishment."

"On my course we had a 48 hour long solo experience. While at times it was boring, frustrating, and monotonous, my solo experience really gave me a chance to step back and look at myself and to reflect on my life."

"I believe that occasional, complete solitude is an important thing in this age of technology and social media, and something that is becoming more and more uncommon. I can honestly say that it was the longest I had ever gone without any sort of human contact. The solo experience also really highlighted what was important to me because without anything to distract me, those things that were most important became the things that I realized I missed most."

"Although I could not wait to get home, I knew, as soon as I left, I would wish I was back. That proved to be true."

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