Class of 2008

Stephanie M. Beltz

St. Clairsville, Ohio
2005-06 Alan E. and Ruby T. Riedel–Cutler Scholar
Benefactors: Alan E. and Ruby T. Riedel

Steven J. Carlson

Logan, Ohio
2004-05 Diagnostic Hybrids Inc.–Cutler Scholar
Benefactor: Diagnostic Hybrids Inc.

Harold Patrick Karnes

Greenfield, Ohio
2004-05 Wilfred R. Konneker–Cutler Scholar
Benefactor: Dr. Wilfred R. Konneker

Lauren H. Logan

Rutland, Ohio
2004-05 Bush–Cutler Scholar
Benefactor: G. Kenner and Margene Bush

Colin J. Mccrone

North Olmstead, Ohio
2003-04 Lizabeth and Charles R. Emrick Jr.–Cutler Scholar
Benefactors: Lizabeth and Charles R. Emrick Jr.

William F. Wemer

Shaker Heights, Ohio
2004-05 Jeanette Grasselli Brown–Cutler Scholar
Benefactor: Jeanette Grasselli Brown

Jessica D. Wilson Sen

Elyria, Ohio
2004-05 Beth K. Stocker–Cutler Scholar
Benefactor: Beth K. Stocker