College of Arts & Sciences

the department of African American Studies

The Department of African American Studies in 2013

Greetings Students, Faculty, Staff, and Community of Ohio University,

As summer draws to a close, I invite you to consider taking one or more of our outstanding courses. There is room for enrollment in these AAS classes as of August 15, 2013:

AAS 1500 African Media Studies taught by Dr. Akil Houston

AAS 2540 History of Injustice in the United States taught by Dr. C. Michael Gray

AAS 3100 Postmodern Blackness taught by Dr. Gary Holcomb

AAS 3400 The African American Community Since World War II taught by Dr. Ron Stephens

AAS 3640 Comparative Study in Injustice taught by Dr. C. Michael Gray

AAS 4693 Legal Policy and Disparities in the American Health Care System taught by Dr. Patricia Gunn

and AAS 3450 The Black Woman and AAS 4400 The Black Child taught by our new faculty, Aretina Hamilton

Please consult the Registrar's website for up-to-date days, times, and locations of these and other AAS courses.


Best wishes,

Dr. Robin D. Muhammad