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Classified Employee Terminations/Reinstatements

Procedure No.:   40.045

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Date Issued:     05/02/94

Issued By:       Gary North

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To provide specific guidelines for initiating, processing and implementing terminations and reinstatements of Classified Employees.


It is the responsibility of the department head to notify University Personnel Services of all terminations involving Classified personnel. Such notification should be in writing and should be given at least two (2) weeks in advance of the termination date, except for disciplinary terminations (see procedure number 4 herein).



A. All terminations are to be recorded on the official Resignation Form or on a memo from the employee.

B. Any employee who has been terminated from the University MUST NOT work or turn in compensable after the effective date of termination. These procedures apply to the following types of terminations:

  1. Resignations:

Any employee resigning from the University must complete and submit the resignation form through his supervisor to University Personnel Services two (2) weeks prior to his/her last working day. The form must contain the effective date of resignation (last day worked), signature of employee and department head, and the reason for resignation. If the employee is eligible for vacation pay, the employee may request that it be paid with the final pay check. This request should be made on the resignation form. An employee who verbally resigns and who fails to submit a written resignation and who is absent from work without authorization shall be deemed to have resigned on the date of verbal resignation.

Revocation of a written or verbal resignation is valid, provided the revocation is in writing, and provided the University receives such revocation prior to the first scheduled work day after the receipt of written notice of resignation or prior to the first scheduled work day after verbal notice of resignation; otherwise, written and verbal resignations are irrevocable.

  • Job Abandonment:
  • Any employee who is habitually absent from work or who is absent for three (3) or more successive scheduled work days, without approval or without notice to his/her supervisor or department head, shall be deemed to have abandoned his/her job and will be automatically terminated from employment.

  • Retirements:
  • Employees who meet the eligibility requirements and wish to retire may contact University Personnel Services for the purpose of submitting their retirement application to the Public Employees Retirement System (PERS).

    All retirements are effective on the first day of the month immediately following the later of: (1) the last day of which an employee is paid; or (2) attainment of minimum age or service credit eligibility required by law; or (3) a later date specified by that employee.

    Retirement applications should be submitted to PERS approximately 30 days prior to the effective date of the retirement. Upon receipt of employee's application for retirement, University Personnel Services will notify the employee's department head of the pending action.

    An employee who is retiring MUST NOT work or turn in any compensable hours after the last day of the month prior to the retirement effective date. Unused vacation leave and one-half of unused sick leave (up to 60 days) will be paid in a lump sum payment with no adverse effect on the employee's retirement. (See O.U. policies and procedures numbers 41.000 and 40.030.)

  • Disciplinary Terminations:
  • The authority to issue disciplinary terminations of employment rests solely with the Director of University Personnel Services as the appointing authority under Chapter 124 of the Ohio Revised Code. Any recommendation of employment termination by the employing department must be made by written memorandum to the Director of University Personnel Services. The Director of Personnel Services will notify the Department Head and the affected employee(s) of final action on the disciplinary termination.

  • Terminations of Temporary or Emergency Positions:
  • The employing department must notify University Personnel Services when a temporary, casual or emergency position has been concluded.

  • Abolished Positions:
  • If it becomes necessary to abolish a current classified position, a written notice should be sent by the Department Head to the Director of Personnel Services as far ahead of the proposed effective date as possible. The memo should indicate the position to be eliminated, reasons for abolishment, name of the incumbent and proposed effective date. The Personnel Director will notify the Department Head and the employee whose position is being abolished of final action on the position abolishment. Notice to the employee will be given at least (2) weeks in advance with a longer notice when it is possible. The notice will confirm effective date, reasons for discontinuance of the position and status of the employee regarding benefits, recall and other pertinent information.


    A. Former employees: 1) who received a disciplinary termination of employment, 2) who resigned without the required two (2) weeks notice, or 3) who received an unacceptable work performance rating on their last employment evaluation SHALL NOT be eligible to make future application for employment with the University and waive any rights to employment by Ohio University.

    B. Proper reemployment may be accomplished through University Personnel Services.

    1. Probationary Removal:

    Any employee removed from employment during a probationary period may be considered eligible for future application for re-employment with the approval of the Director of University Personnel Services. Approval will be based on the circumstances of their removal and work history since their removal.

  • Separations in Good Standing:
  • All former employees who otherwise vacated employment in good standing ( i.e., with a minimum of two week notice and satisfactory performance) may be considered valid candidates for reemployment subject to all provisions of University Recruitment and Hiring Policy and Procedures Number 40.038.

  • Retirees:
  • All re-employed PERS retirees must elect to either: 1) receive compensation, have their retirement allowance suspended during the re-employment period, and make contributions toward a supplemental formula benefit; or 2) receive compensation, continue to receive their retirement allowance, and make contributions toward a money purchase annuity. Retirees are encouraged to seek information from PERS.

    All retirees who return to public employment before the required six months must contribute to one of the PERS retirement allowances, but the retirement allowance for each month in which reemployment occurs during those first six months will be forfeited. The penalty will apply even if the retiree waives compensation from the employer for the first six months.

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