Ohio University

Wayfinding and Signage Planning

Some of a visitor’s first impressions of this distinctive campus are formed through their initial experiences navigating its roadways and paths.  Depending on how they are guided through the physical environment and what measures are taken to enhance their understanding of the campus greatly affects those initial experiences of Ohio University, particularly with prospective students and their families.  However, the vibrant growth of the University over the past several decades has outpaced the ability of the previous sign system to accommodate the wayfinding needs of the campus community and its many guests, and it must adapt and grow to meet these new conditions.

Today, a more robust family of vehicular, pedestrian, and specialty signage is needed to guide visitors through Ohio University’s rich environment.  However, the success of new signs depends not only on their thoughtful placement with the campus’s built-environment, but also on their careful planning as one tool within the context of a broader wayfinding strategy.  This broader wayfinding strategy must include a variety of tools and technologies that respond to the needs of our visitors and community, while complementing each other as they each work to create a carefully crafted sequence of guidance.

Regardless of age, mobility needs, or preferred mode of transportation, Ohio University is developing a planning process for wayfinding and signage that will serve a diverse and transformative learning community and its guests.  We strive to develop a system that aids and educates as well as provides guidance and reassurance, while leveraging the best qualities of campus and its many landmarks.

Download the Wayfinding & Signage Guidelines [PDF]