Members of University Planning serve in leadership and support roles on a variety of campus committees. These committees serve as a mechanism to explore a variety of critical campus concerns, from new initiatives, capital planning, space usage, campus planning issues, and others. Information on some committees is available below.

Facilities Planning Advisory Committee

Co-chaired by the Associate Provost for Academic Budget Planning and the Associate Vice President of University Planning, FPAC is a broad-based constituent group and advisory board that meets no less than five times during the academic year to provide advice and consultation to the President and others as warranted on the following issues and tasks:

  • Responsibility to review and comment on periodic updates of the campus master plan and facilities planning initiatives.
  • Provide university-wide perspective for planning purposes.
  • Provide feedback and advise on capital plan priorities.
  • Provide advice and consultation on major issues and alignment of the Capital Improvement Plan and the Comprehensive Master Plan.

FPAC is also charged with serving as an advisory role to the Capital Funding and Priorities Committee regarding the capital plan, campus planning issues, and Comprehensive Master Plan initiatives. Members serve as representatives of the entire University community as they conduct committee business and provide feedback from their respective constituent groups on planning and capital budgeting issues. The co-chairs communicate the FPAC’s recommendations to CF&PC.

FPAC's Role in Annual Capital Planning

Each year, FPAC serves in an advisory role during the development of the Annual Capital Plan as well as the Six Year Capital Improvement Plan. The Capital Planning Team uses FPAC as part of a vetting process involving project and capital prioritization. Feedback received from FPAC is used to shape capital plans before they are submitted to University Leadership.

Ridges Advisory Committee

As outlined in Substitute House Bill 59, The Ridges Advisory Committee, established with members representing Ohio University, the City of Athens, and community members, is charged with periodically reviewing the comprehensive land use plans for The Ridges and the university’s progress toward its implementation. Recommendations are then reported to Ohio University's President for review and approval.

The Ridges Advisory Committee was renewed in the Fall of 2016 by Ohio House Bill 471, through December 31st, 2020 and again in February 2020.

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Ad Hoc Committees & Working Groups

As University projects and needs change throughout the year, members of University Planning contribute to a number of smaller working groups and committees, facilitating collaboration and providing a University-wide perspective. Recent examples of University Planning collaborating on small committees and working groups include the Campus Wayfinding & Signage Project, the Small House Strategy and the Affordable Housing Taskforce.