Success Stories

Success Stories from Faculty and Staff

*Names have been changed to protect privacy.

It Made All The Difference

In reaching out to six students with warning flags, I met Chase. I first communicated with Chase by email, offering academic success tips and encouraged him to schedule a meeting with me. Later that same week Chase and I met in person to discuss his poor grades and the concern several of his faculty had for him. It was during this meeting that I learned a lot about Chase’s life outside of the classroom. Chase was managing a lot of ‘life’. We discussed getting him set up with a counselor as well as a 1:1 tutor and a study skills coach. I arranged some accountability for Chase by offering to reach out to him every couple of weeks. In asking Chase if he thought the MOSN flags were helpful, he said that he felt that it was ‘life changing’. To have someone take the time to reach out to him, invite him to have a conversation about how he’s doing and provide him with resources and helpful support, ‘it made all the difference’.

Getting Back on Track

The My OHIO Success Network helps us find students who have stopped attending classes. After several emails, a student came to see me who had not been to classes in a month, really wanted to start attending again but wasn’t sure how to face his instructors. We met every week and created short-term to-do lists to help him get back on track. This included drafting emails to instructors, determining which classes should be dropped and which he might ask for incompletes, talking with financial aid to determine impact on scholarships, and meeting with a counselor. He finished the semester in good academic standing and connected to several helpful resources.

Saved from an “F”

The instructor of MATH 1200 raised a flag that one of my advisees has never attended the class. After checking the records, I realized that student had improved her math placement after BSO and had registered for MATH 1300. On the other hand the student forgot to drop MATH 1200 from her fall schedule. The student was so relieved when I reached out to let her know the issue. If the instructor had not helped with alerting the network at the right time, the student would have passed a higher level math class and would have received an F for the lower level math in the same semester ruining the overall cumulative GPA.

Intervention at the Right Time

I was able to help many students who were on the borderline of being dismissed or being on probation. The early intervention from their faculties helped me intervene at the right time. I have helped these students drop the failing class and add a half semester course. This has also led to conversations to explore different majors that they could be interested in. Without the flags being raised by the faculty I would have not known the student was struggling.

Attending Wrong Section Problem – Fixed In Time

Camila was flagged for never attending class. When her advisor reached out sharing concern, the student assured us that she had been to every class. After meeting with the student it was discovered that she had been attending the wrong section of the course. The advisor was able to work with faculty and compete the appropriate paperwork to enroll the student in the proper section.

Graduating on Time

Eli is a student that would have slipped through the cracks and not met graduation requirements had it not been for the My Ohio Student Success Network. After being flagged during the mid-term grade report for less than satisfactory work, an advisor in his college office reached out and began meeting with him regularly. At the time, he was a senior who had not declared a corollary, was unaware of specific major requirements, was enrolled in the classes for the next semester. Through this intervention we were able to help improve his fall GPA, change his major sequence and approve multiple course substitutions. This change reduced the overall necessary courses needed to graduate from 11 to 5 and he was able to graduate on time at the end of his senior year.

Attendance Policy Problem Averted

My Ohio Student Success Network notified Michael that he was missing too many classes and in danger of failing a major required course. This spurred him to meet with the professor during office hours. Michael had believed that he was doing well in the class as he had earned A’s on all of his speeches. During his conversation with the teacher, he became aware of the attendance policy written in the syllabus that requires regular attendance to pass the class with a C or better. If he had missed two more classes, it would have been impossible to pass the class even while earing A’s on his assignments.

Support for Success

Rebecca, a fully-online student, received 2 flags for missing assignments from her instructors. After I reached out to her, I heard right back. She was embarrassed to have gotten behind in her work and was unsure how to proceed. She felt more comfortable reaching out to her instructors after I spoke with her.

Sick and Needing Help

Sydney, who only takes courses online through eCampus, began receiving multiple flags for non-participation (no log-in flags). When we reached out to her, we learned that she had been hospitalized and was not able to work on her studies. We were able to guide her on her options which she appreciated.

Starting Strong

Maddie, a new eCampus student, received a flag from her instructor that she was missing assignments. She was unaware that she had missed the required discussion board component for her class. Her success coach was able to reach out to her to see how she could assist her in getting caught up. She appreciated the notice and was able to get back on track.

Avoiding Incorrect Assumptions

I assumed Maria was not planning to return in the fall based on a tough spring semester and not being enrolled for fall. Turns out she DOES plan to come back, but has not been able to reach her advisor. I set up an appointment with her to chat about her spring semester struggles and what her plan is for fall. I’m glad this flag helped us to identify her need for help more quickly.