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Getting Started 

There are many ways to increase your understanding of how to use the MyOHIO Success Network. If you would like a person to come to your office to show you how to use this system, please contact one of the experts in your area. To learn how to use this system through written directions or videos, please explore the resources below. 

Syncing Calendar 

Sharing your Outlook/Exchange Calendar with MyOHIO Success Network (MOSN): 

  1. Request access to sync your OHIO calendar with MOSN calendar by emailing the service desk at  
  2. Once the sync has been enabled, the service desk will provide you with instructions on completing the sync process.   


To update your profile, log in to the MyOHIO Success Network (MOSN) and click on the left hamburger menu tab.  

Click on the drop-down arrow next to your name to update your institutional profile, appointment preferences and email notifications. 

  1. Institutional Profile 
    In the institutional profile page you can choose your login page, update contact information, upload photo, add a general overview and write biography to give information about yourself to others on campus. Students are more likely to reach out to you if you provide a brief introduction. [Institutional Profile] Video
  2. Appointment Preferences 
    In the appointment preferences tab you could update the minimum appointment time, scheduling deadline and choose preferred location for all your appointments. 

  3. Email Notifications 
    In the email notification tab you can plan reminders on how you want the MyOHIO Success network to send you email notifications. You could also control on how you like to receive summary emails on a raised tracking items or appointment activity. This tab gives a description on all the flag rules, flag category and description.Email Notification [Video]

Office Hours Overview 

  1. Create office hours 
    Setting up your office hours through the MyOHIO Success Network will enable students to schedule an appointment with you. The first time you log in to the MyOHIO Success Network, the system will provide a ‘wizard’ to walk you through setting up your office hours.  If you do not wish to complete the wizard and would like to set your office hours manually, check the box labelled “Show me this Office Hours Setup Page again next time I login if I don’t have any Office Hours”, and then click the Close button. Update Office Hours [Video]
  2. Change office hours 
    Office hours made through MyOHIO Success Network can be edited or cancelled only through the MyOHIO Success Network calendar and not through your external calendar. 
    • To cancel office hours, select the day from the calendar, and hover (don’t click) over the icon associated with the office hours on the desired day 
    • Click the cancel button and select, “Just this one” or “the entire series” from the pop up office hours card window 

Prioritizing students for outreach and intervention 

  1. Where should I start? 
    The best place to start is the Students page, the Tracking Tab (this is where all active flags, kudos, To Dos, and Referrals would be shown).
  2. Check your Connection
    If you are an academic advisor and want to look at your advisees, then make sure your Connection says: Academic Advisor or pick the appropriate connection from the dropdown menu. 
  3. Prioritize students with Critical or Action Flags- Some examples of action and critical flags are as follows:
    • 6 Flag Warning 
    • 3 Flag Warning 
    • Attendance Problem—Never Attended 
    • Attendance Problem—Stopped Attending 
    • Consider Dropping Course 
    • Currently Failing Course 
    • Immediate Action Needed on Course 

      You can filter for any of these flags in the tracking tab using Additional Filters and clicking on Add Filters. This helps in prioritizing students for outreach.  
  4. If you are reaching out to a student please assign the flags to yourself so others will know that the student has been contacted. Also try to resolve the flag once you have communicated with the student about the concern.
  5. If there are no students with Critical Action or Action Flags, look for other flags of concern like the following: 
    • Academic Performance Concerns
    • Attendance Problems: Tardiness or Absences 
    • Prevent Success 
    • Missing Assignments 
    • Needs Improvement: C-/D level Coursework 
    • Non-Academic Concern 

Productive Student Meeting

  1. Preparing for a productive student meeting 
    Advisors can view the students individual folder prior to an appointment which shows pertinent information about the students class level, academic status, tracking items, notes and more Preparing for student meeting [Video] 
  2. Creating Message and Notes 
    Advisors can send email messages to add notes that will be uploaded to the faculty and advising center, before or after a student meeting 

Respond to week six progress survey 

Instructors can complete the progress survey during week six of the semester. The feedbacks provided by the instructor during week six will help your students understand their current academic performance in their respective classes.  Academic advisors and student services staff will also be able to help students be more successful based on the information available through progress survey. 

Respond to progress survey [Video] 

Messages Student Receive

Great Work! Kudos

Satisfactory Course Performance (Kudos)

Immediate Action Needed on Course Performance (Critical Action Flag)

Attendance Problem -- Tardiness or absences prevent success (Information Flag)

Missing Assignments (To Do)

Contact Your Instructor (To Do)