Advisors and Student Support Staff

Why MyOHIO Success Network?

MyOHIO Success Network connects the OHIO community to students and each other in pursuit of student success.

MyOHIO Success Network is an information-sharing tool that allows us to accurately and efficiently identify the right student at the right time and refer them to the appropriate campus resources.

Advisors, student services and student support staff can use MyOHIO Success Network to get a more complete picture of the issues and challenges your students are facing.

See the Resources page for helpful training documentation.

How do I use MyOHIO Success Network to prioritize students for outreach?

MyOHIO Success Network collects information about your students in the form of Flags (concerns). These Flags may be raised by an instructor or may be raised by the system itself when student meets certain conditions.

The lowest level of Flag is the Informational Flag. Informational Flags represent one piece of information about an issue or challenge a student is facing. These Informational Flags are a critical piece of information on how the student is doing and are aggregated to help us identify and prioritize students for outreach.

The next level of Flag is the Action Flag. Action Flags call for an advisor or student services staff to outreach to the student. Once someone has met with the student to discuss the issue, these Flags should be cleared with notes on the plan to remediate the situation.

I met with a student, should I clear the Flag and take notes?

Yes, if you have met with the student and developed a plan for remediating the situation, please resolve (clear) the Flag and enter notes explaining what was discussed. We recommend you use the Close the Loop comments box to send the notes back to the person who originally raised the Flag to let them know that the student has had an intervention. In addition, please copy and paste a copy of these notes into the Faculty Advising Center, so that we have a complete record of this student.

How else can the MyOHIO Success Network be used?

The MyOHIO Success Network was first implemented over the 2016-2017 academic year, with new services rolling out for use each term. Updates and details can be found on the News page. The system may be used for the following:

  • Student Progress Survey - faculty feedback requested on student progress
  • Quickly locate student contact information.
  • Easily email your advisees or students within the system using filters within the system with an ability to copy yourself.
  • View students' connections on campus to see where a student is engaged on campus and easily email or contact these personnel to help the student or report concerns.
  • Use the Calendar to schedule office hours and appointments with students. Hours and appointments can be automatically shared with your Exchange/Outlook Calendar.