Letter from Dean of Students: Expectations Regarding Alcohol

Most of you make great choices and decisions while at Ohio University. You study hard, make friends, get involved and prepare yourself for life. You take advantage of the opportunities and make a great contribution to the community.

Because Ohio University cares about your health and safety, your success, and the welfare of our campus and community, we need to be concerned about those students who choose to drink in a high-risk way. High-risk drinking is the excessive consumption of alcohol that leads to serious negative consequences, not only for those who are drinking but for others around the person drinking. The negative consequences include accidents, falls, fights, injuries, sexual assaults, vandalism, academic failure, and arrests. We are committed to doing all that we can to help every student avoid these kinds of consequences.

If you are under 21 years of age, we expect that you will comply with Ohio law and not consume alcoholic beverages on campus or in the community. If you are over 21 and choose to drink, we expect you to do so responsibly. We will make reasonable efforts to ensure that you understand our expectations, that you understand the negative consequences of inappropriate alcohol use, that you have many opportunities for positive involvement in campus life, and that you have all of the information you need to make wise choices. 

If you make poor choices, you will be held accountable for these decisions:

  • Depending upon the severity of the specific misbehavior, a first offense of the Student Code of Conduct will result in probation, suspension or expulsion.
  • Sanctions for alcohol-related violations will include a referral to an appropriate in-person educational intervention, community service hours, and up to $100 in fees, depending on the severity of the violation. 
  • If a student has earned fewer than 90 credit hours and is under 21, parents will be notified if the student is found responsible for an alcohol violation of the Student Code of Conduct.
  • If found responsible for an alcohol-related offense of the Code while on probation for an alcohol-related offense (even if either is minor), students can expect to be suspended from the University.
  • If charged with or cited for a crime in the Athens community, students will also be referred according to the Student Code of Conduct. As a result, students may receive two separate sanctions - one from the local court and one from the University.

Review the Student Code of Conduct

You may be aware that we have the Medical Emergency Assistance program in place. This program provides the opportunity for you to call for medical help on behalf of a student who requires medical attention as a result of high-risk behavior. In doing so, the student will not be subject to university conduct action, but will still be expected to comply with the remaining components of our approach to high-risk behavior, including an educational intervention and parental notification (for those under 21 years of age).

Explore The Program Details

If you have questions about policies on alcohol use and our efforts to reduce high-risk drinking, contact Health Promotions, 339 Baker University Center, 740.593.4007 or The Office of Community Standards, 349 Baker University Center, 740.593.2629.

Best wishes for a safe and successful experience at Ohio University.

Kathy Fahl
Dean of Students