Consequences for Involvement in Civil Disturbance

If it is alleged that you have violated the Ohio University Student Code of Conduct during an off-campus disturbance, your case will be reviewed by Office of Community Standards and Student Responsibility (regardless of the status or outcome of any criminal case). Involvement in a civil disturbance will put you at risk of being suspended or expelled from the University. Most students arrested in similar situations in past years have been suspended from the University.

In addition to possible criminal conviction and/or University discipline, Ohio House Bill 95 says that if you are convicted of certain crimes, you will be ineligible for financial aid. More specifically, a student is no longer eligible to receive any student financial assistance supported by state funds for two calendar years from the time the individual applies for such assistance if he or she has been convicted of, pled guilty to, or been adjudicated for certain violations.

And, Ohio House Bill 1219 provides that a student, faculty or staff member, or employee of a state-assisted college or University shall be dismissed if he or she is convicted of any of the enumerated trigger offenses and if such offense occurred "on or affecting" persons or property of such college or University, or in the "immediate vicinity" of a college or University. The law requires notice and hearing after arrest and provides that a person may be suspended from the University prior to conviction if a University hearing officer determines that the person committed the offense.