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Spring - Summer 2019 Newsletter

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Spring - Summer 2019 Newsletter

December 2018 Newsletter

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December 2018 Newsletter

January - June 2017 Newsletter

It was a privilege to have Dr. M. Duane Nellis Visit EBI on his first day as President of Ohio University. President Nellis met with Dr. John Kopchick, Goll Ohio Eminent Scholar in the Kopchick laboratory located within EBI.

June 2017 Newsletter [PDF]

September - December 2016 Newsletter

On October 25th, 2016, EBI members and guests gathered at The Ohio University Inn and Conference Center for the annual EBI Authority Board Meeting. The meeting lasted from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and included a working lunch. The agenda included welcoming remarks by OHIO President Dr. Roderick McDavis, introductions of board members and guests, and a review of financials by EBI Accountant and Office Manager, Rachel Beha. Dr. Shiyong Wu, Director of EBI, provided an overview of ongoing and future EBI activities. A new Principal Investigator, Dr. Dhiraj Vattem, Director for the School of Applied Health Sciences and Wellness and Professor of Nutrition, gave a presentation of his research interests. Dr. Lingying Tong, EBI Assistant Investigator, and Dr. Yanrong Qian, EBI Postdoctoral Fellow, gave presentations on their recently funded research projects. Dr. John Kopchick, Goll-Ohio Eminent Scholar, presented on a newly funded EBI partnership. There was a nice discussion amongst all with ideas and suggestions provided about the current activities and the future of EBI.

December 2016 Newsletter [PDF]

EBI Members Presented Research at the International Congress of the GHR and IGF Society

“It is a great time to be in the field of growth hormone research,” aptly remarked Dr. Pinchas Cohen (President, GRS-IGF Society), starting off the 8th International Congress of the Growth Hormone Research and IGF Society, with Dr. Jesse Roth as the keynote speaker, at the picturesque city of Tel-Aviv, Israel, from November 6th-9th, 2016.

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May - August 2016 Newsletter

EBI members have increased over the summer. The new members are working all over the building, from the lab of Dr. Dhiraj Vattem, Professor of Nutrition and Director of the School of Applied Heath Sciences and Wellness, which is located in the basement, to the lab of Dr. Shiyong Wu, Director of EBI and Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry whose lab is located on the first floor, to the lab of Dr. John Kopchick, Distinguished Professor and Eminent Scholar, located on the second floor. With so many new faces, there are bound to be new revelations at EBI.

August 2016 Newsletter [PDF]

April 2016 Newsletter

The Ohio University Student Research and Creative Activity Expo has been held at Ohio University for the past 13 years. On April 14th, 2016, the Convocation Center opened its doors to more than 600 students to feature roughly 500 projects related to a variety of activities performed at the university, ranging from film making and theater to medicine, biology and astrophysics.

April 2016 Newsletter [PDF]

December 2015 - March 2016 Newsletter

It was June 1986. Lori Frazee stepped out of her Buick Skyhawk to walk into Wilson Hall for her first day of work at the Edison Biotechnology Institute. Now, 30 years of service dedicated to the Edison Biotechnology Institute later, a little more has changed for Lori Abdella than her last name and the car she drives to work.

March 2016 Newsletter [PDF]

September - November 2015 Newsletter

Ohio University has once again ranked first among Ohio higher education institutions for research licensing revenue. According to the annual report released by The Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM), faculty inventions generated approximately $10.6 million during fiscal year 2014. The report, which was released in September, also noted that Ohio University generated $60.8 million in research and sponsored program funding.

November 2015 Newsletter [PDF]

August 2015 Newsletter

On July 21, 2015, Dr. Sergio Ulloa, former Edison Biotechnology Ins1tute (EBI) Undergraduate Student, visited EBI. It was a pleasure to have Dr. Ulloa here to share his experiences with students while visi1ng EBI. Dr. Ulloa is an Athens na1ve, alumni of Athens High School and Ohio University. While at Athens High School, Ulloa fell in love with orthopedics and sports medicine. Dr. Ulloa had the opportunity to work in Dr. John Kopchick’s lab at EBI as an Undergraduate Student during his 1me at Ohio University.

August 2015 Newsletter [PDF]