47.020: Chartered Aircraft




April 1, 2008

Initiated by:

Ken Carley | Airport Director

Endorsed by:

Kathy Krendl | Executive Vice President and Provost

Approved by:

Roderick J. McDavis | President

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  1. Overview

    This policy establishes the requirements for chartering of aircraft with university- or foundation-controlled funds for university employees traveling on official university business. This policy is designed to ensure safety, to limit legal and financial liability, and to facilitate proper management of all university air transportation. It does not apply to situations where employees travel, for example, on a charter arranged directly by a research sponsor.

    When university employees travel on chartered aircraft for official university business:

    1. Aviation non-owned liability requirements must be met.

    2. Only reputable, professional, adequately insured, and properly certified charter companies may be used.

  2. General guidelines

    These guidelines apply to employees or departments whenever travel on university business requires the use of chartered aircraft. The air transportation service department must approve charter operators in advance of a flight. Only approved charter operators that meet the university's insurance and operating requirements will be used. The use of chartered aircraft shall be reported to the air transportation service department so that the flight can be documented and tracked. Individuals should contact the air transportation service department at 597-2600 for a list of approved charter operators.

    The provisions of policy 41.121 do apply, including the part on private or leased aircraft.

  3. Insurance requirements

    A certificate of insurance (issued by the insurer of the charter operator) will be requested with the following provisions as part of the pre-approval process. The certificate should name Ohio university and the chartering subsidiary (if applicable) as additional insured. The charter operator's insurance will be primary and non-contributory to any insurance carried by Ohio university.

    Additional insured status - affords the university liability coverage under the named insured's contract of insurance.

    Waiver of subrogation for physical damage - the charter operator's insurer gives up the right to take action against the university for hull damage to the charter operator's aircraft during a loss that occurs while the aircraft is being operated on the university's behalf.

    Written notice of cancellation - the university is to be notified thirty days prior to a cancellation or adverse material change of the charter operator's insurance contract.

  4. Liability limits

    A liability limit of at least five million dollars per passenger seat is required. Under no circumstances will liability limits be less than the following:

    1. Single engine aircraft - five million dollars combined single limit each occurrence.

    2. Multi-engine aircraft - ten million dollars combined single limit each occurrence.

    3. Multi-engine turbo prop aircraft - fifty million dollars combined single limit each occurrence.

    4. Turbo jet aircraft - one hundred million dollars combined single limit each occurrence.

  5. Flight crew requirements

    For multi-engine turbo-prop aircraft and for all turbo-jet aircraft, all flights with university passengers must have a two-pilot crew, both having received FAA-approved simulator-based recurrent flight training in the past twelve months.

    For all other aircraft types, all flights with university passengers must have a two-pilot crew, both having current FAA commercial licenses appropriate to the aircraft type and flight plan.

  6. Planning air travel

    A list of approved charter operators may be obtained by contacting the air transportation service department. The air transportation service department staff can assist in arranging your flight. This may include scheduling the chartered aircraft, car rentals, and other transportation services. A full summary report of your travel details must be provided to the air transportation service department.


Proposed revisions of this policy should be reviewed by:

  1. Vice President for Finance and Administration

  2. Assistant Vice President for Auxiliary Services

  3. Assistant Vice President for Safety and Risk Management

  4. Chief of Ohio University Police Department