01.021: Policy Governing Sales/Services Activities by Computing and Learning Services, The Electronics Shop, The Pro Shop and The Student Art Store




July 1, 1983

Approved by:

Issued by W.L. Kennard

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  1. Preface

    This policy shall govern the operation by Ohio University of sales or service activities through various university outlets. The sales are provided on the basis of a direct charge to the user.

    This practice derives from the university responsibility to provide educational services and support activities essential to those services.

  2. General statement

    It shall be the policy of Ohio University that sales and services through such outlets shall be restricted to students and staff and that such activity shall be limited to: (l) sales which are necessary to curricular, research, or co-curricular functions of the university; (2) sales which are required for convenient use of campus facilities and activity; (3) sales or services required because of the inability of retail outlets to provide sufficient inventory to satisfy the demand on a timely basis at a reasonable cost.

  3. Specific restrictions and procedures

    1. Sales and services will be limited to students and staff of the university. Identification of purchasers will be required.

    2. Sales and services activities will cease when the university is closed, unless specific authorization is obtained from the Provost for limited sales and services.

    3. Promotion of sales and services shall be restricted to nonpaid advertising.

    4. Each outlet will maintain a complete list of items offered for sale and prices charged. The list will be available for inspection by any local vendor. If questions are raised about the legitimacy of the university outlet handling a particular item, the concerned individual and the manager of the university store shall meet and make every effort to achieve a mutually satisfactory agreement.

    5. Convenience items associated with recreational as well as instructional activity (e.g. golf balls, tees) can be carried by the shops located at the site of the activity and may be sold to users from the community as well as students and staff. Major items of equipment available at reasonable cost through local vendors are not to be stocked.

  4. Responsibility for compliance

    1. The appropriate administrative head or dean of the college whose students, faculty and staff have the primary need for the itmes and services shall have responsibility for the outlet and for the administering of this policy as it concerns the outlet, students, faculty and staff.

    2. A panel shall be responsible for reviewing disagreements between managers of retail outlets and university officials developing from this policy and its implementation. The panel shall consist of the following officers or their designees. President of the Athens Chamber of Commerce, Dean of the college or administrative head responsible for the outlet, Vice President for University Relations and President of Student Senate. If the differences connot be resolved through the work of the panel, the panel shall report its findings and recommendations to the Office of the President.

    3. Final review and responsibility will reside with the Office of the President.