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Planning Principles

University Planning Principles


Our campus comprehensive master plan provides an integrated framework to guide the long-range physical development of Ohio University over a time frame spanning thirty to fifty years.  Driven by academic priorities, the master plan provides a set of guidelines for decision making related to the locations of the university's research, teaching, and residential programs.  It also provides a campus-wide perspective for developing Ohio University's capital plans to ensure fiscal responsibility.  While the master plan provides the long-range guide for the campuses, implementation of everyday decision making begins first with appreciating Ohio University's strategic priorities:

  • Inspired Teaching & Research
  • Innovative Academic Programs
  • Exemplary Student Support Services
  • Integrative Co-curricular Activities

In addition to the University's strategic priorities, the planning principles that University Planning  utilizes also guides the overall direction of campus development as well as helps define our values.  Our planning principles are crafted to clearly communicate the intent of the comprehensive master plan.