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OHIO to join international sustainability movement

OHIO to join international sustainability movement
Published: March 25, 2019 Author: Staff reports

Ohio University will participate in its first-ever Earth Hour on Saturday, March 30 from 8:30 to 9:30 p.m. The initiative, which was also proposed and passed by OHIO’s Student Senate, calls for turning off nonessential lights at the University for a one-hour event promoted by The World Wildlife Fund in which people try to conserve energy by shutting off lights for one hour to show commitment to protecting nature and curbing climate change.

To support the Earth Hour initiative, OHIO is taking action and encouraging students to take part as individuals in helping save energy, while not compromising safety on campus.

Chief Facilities Officer Steve Wood said prominent walkways will be illuminated to assure students, faculty and staff are safe while walking campus during the hour and that although he hopes students participate in this initiative, residence hall rules still apply, such as no candles.

“OHIO is pleased to support this important initiative by decreasing as much lighting and energy during this hour as possible while still keeping campus safe,” said Wood. “At the end of the day, we want students, faculty and staff to experience the action we’re taking and hope it inspires them to do so as well since the biggest help in conserving energy comes from individuals collectively participating on campus.”

The campus will monitor its energy use within this hour to provide feedback after the event related to energy conservation achieved, but it’s the actions taken by individuals on campus that will create the largest energy savings long-term.

The following building components will experience lighting outages during Earth Hour: Baker Center Cupola; Wray Bobcat, Cupola and Clock Face; Walter Field House up lighting on southeast side; Cutler Hall up lighting, clock and Cupola; Bingham House up lighting; Sook Academic Center front on South Green side (will still have walkway lighting); Living Learning Center backup generator enclosure lighting; Voinovich School at The Ridges front porch lights; Walter Hall lights on Bicentennial Park side, Bicentennial Park accent lighting; and Grosvenor front portico.

Several other buildings will have their lights turned off in support of this international movement, as well.

Overall, this initiative is designed to bring attention to how energy use affects climate. The more participation from everyone on campus, the bigger the difference it will make.