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Published: October 20, 2017 Author: Christine Shaw

Doug Pollock, athletic director at the Zanesville Campus, has coached Tracer baseball for 34 years, the longest of any coach in the history of the campus and the longest of any head coach of any sport in the ORCC.  He plans to remain active with the athletic program, but has, in his words, “found the right guy to come along at the right time” to turn over the position of baseball coach.

“I stayed so long at OUZ as baseball coach because I have a tremendous love and respect for the game and the program,” Doug said.

He went on say that he was proud that he could fulfill a lifetime goal of coaching college ball and the related competition and mentoring the players and teams over the years. “I also felt great continued obligation to Tom Checkush to take care of his field and to Tom Bixler for all he has done for me, giving me the chance to be a college coach and administrator.”

The successor for the Tracer Baseball team is Zack Pollock. It is not a coincidence that the last name is the same, as Zack is Doug’s son. “Not because he is my son, but based on many factors, Zack is the right coach at this time for the Tracer program,” the elder Pollock shared.

“I wanted a true OUZ man to coach,” Doug said. “Zack grew up around the program, is an OUZ grad, assistant coach for the last two years for both baseball and the men's basketball team, has worked on the field, was a four year first team all ORCC selection, and he is the single season batting leader and holds records in several other offensive and defensive categories.”

As if those accolades are not enough, the younger Pollock proved himself a leader on the field, has recruited many baseball players for the team, and is aware of the nuances of a small campus program having been around the program all his life. “He has the gut feeling of the Tracer program in him,” Doug explained. “He has a good relationship with all nine returning players from last year, plus has already formed good relations with the incoming freshmen. His age and experience is the right fit.”

Of his appointment as baseball coach Zack said, “I am excited and grateful that I get to continue the legacy of the Pollock name as the leader of the Tracers.” He went on to explain that he looks forward to continuing the tradition and to mentoring future players as he was mentored along the way. “Growing up here, to playing here, to now coaching here, it feels as though everything has come full circle and only great things are on the horizon,” Pollock shared.  

As the elder Pollock reflects on the transition he added, “I assume watching our son coach the Tracers will be somewhat the same as coaching him. We want him to be extremely successful for the program’s sake as well as his.” He concluded adding, “I will still be around as Athletic Director and will still assist in the care of Checkush field, but the program is his to run in his own right. If he wants my advice he will ask for it, but he is the coach.”

Zack will undoubtedly make his predecessor proud, as his final statement suggests, “Tradition runs strong through this program and that will continue as long as I am at the helm.”  

Doug Pollock and Zack Pollock in the T-Ball days

Photo courtesy of: The Pollock FamilyPollock and Pollock -- a love for the game stays strong over the years