First day snowfall

Spring semester kicked off with fresh snow and frigid temperatures. Students bundled up to make their way to classes on newly-cleared walking paths.

January 16, 2024


Ohio University’s Athens campus opened the Spring 2024 semester with a fresh coat of snow on the grounds of one of America’s most beautiful colleges campuses. Classes kicked off on schedule with crews from campus facilities working hard to keep roads and sidewalks clear Monday evening into Tuesday morning, creating that memorable Athens scene of white snow, red brick and a splash of Cutler green in signage across campus.

Thanks to temperatures that have not climbed above freezing in several days, the pond at Emeriti park was almost completely frozen and covered with snow, and students donned their winter gear as they made their way to class.

A statue of a woman's figure beneath a tree, with snow covering the ground

Always a quiet spot on campus, Wolfe Garden is even more serene on a snowy morning. Photo by Ben Siegel

The College Green is shown on a snowy, winter day

OHIO students walk across a snow-covered College Green, safely navigating the freshly-cleared walking paths. Photo by Rich-Joseph Facun

A bird perches on a tree limb with red berries against a white sky

A robin watches the semester begin from berry-laden branches. Photo by Rich-Joseph Facun

Most OHIO alumni share memories of snowy winter days on campus. Archive photos over the years often capture the Alumni Gateway covered in snow, although photos prior to 1915 are missing the iconic structure.

Snowy College Green, 1890's

It might be barely recognizable without certain landmarks, but College Green in the 1890's was as picturesque as ever with a fresh blanket of snow. Photo courtesy of Ohio University Archives.

College Green covered in snow in the 1940's

A view of Alumni Gateway following a snowfall in the 1940's. Photo courtesy of Ohio University Archives.

Sledding down Jeff Hill, previously East Union Hill, has been a favorite snow day pastime, although this week’s snow fall did not produce enough to allow for sledding. In late November 1950, a snowstorm resulted in a University closure just as students returned from Thanksgiving break. Classes were cancelled for a week, although many students had already returned to campus. This collage of photos from the 1950 Yearbook captured students keeping themselves entertained.

A series of photos showing students sledding and playing in the snow in the 1950s

This collage from the 1950 yearbook depicts the joys of a snow-covered campus. Photo courtesy of Ohio University Archives.

Temperatures are not expected to rise above freezing in Athens until Monday, January 22, with a possibility of additional snow on Friday. Students are encouraged, as always, to watch for ice or other hazards, wear well-fitting warm clothing, and stay alert whether moving about on foot or in a vehicle. 

Two people share a bench on a snowy day

Photo by Rich-Joseph Facun

Aerial view of College Green

Photo by Ben Siegel

Students walk up a hill to classes in the snow

Photo by Rich-Joseph Facun