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Dacia Posey Gierhart: empowering communities and pursuing passion

Armed with a Bachelor of Science in Applied Management (a degree since replaced by the Bachelor of Science in Business) from Ohio University Chillicothe, Dacia Gierhart has built a life that serves her family and her community.

Gierhart began her career as a bank teller at Atomic Credit Union in 2012 and worked her way up through different roles, including member service representative, mortgage underwriter and assistant mortgage manager, gaining valuable experience and skills along the way.

The COVID-19 pandemic forced many to reevaluate their priorities, and Gierhart was no exception. The unexpected shift to remote work prompted her to reflect on her role as a mother and how she spent her time. She decided to make a shift that would enable more flexibility and freedom.

In 2020, Gierhart seized the opportunity to pursue her lifelong dream of a marketing career, joining Best Version Media as a co-publisher. She leveraged her writing and proofreading skills while building community connections to help produce Great Seal Sport and Great Seal Living, magazines chronicling Chillicothe lifestyles and youth sports.

Gierhart now puts her business degree to work managing internet sales at Rustic Gals Boutique. She also serves as a volleyball coach at Paint Valley High School, where she enjoys the opportunity to serve as a mentor and empower young athletes.

Her passion for community engagement and giving back led her to become an active member of EPIC (Empowering Young Professionals in Chillicothe). Through this organization, she found a sense of belonging and support, fueling her desire to make a difference in her community. As an EPIC member, she has been actively involved in community initiatives, offering her time and skills to help build a stronger and more vibrant Chillicothe and Ross County.

Gierhart's journey hasn't been without its challenges. She transferred from Bowling Green State University to OHIO Chillicothe after struggling with some of the demands of college and she graduated from OHIO Chillicothe while pregnant with her daughter. Now she credits her education at OHIO Chillicothe for equipping her with the confidence and skills that have served her well in the workforce. The applied management program, particularly Associate Professor Tanya Hire's classes, left a lasting impression on Gierhart. She attributes her ability to think critically, communicate effectively and tackle real-life business challenges to the education she received at OHIO Chillicothe.

Completing her bachelor's degree not only bolstered Gierhart's confidence, but also had tangible effects on her professional trajectory. The degree directly influenced her ability to secure a pay raise and promotion while working in banking, highlighting the practicality and value of higher education.

As an advocate for personal growth, Gierhart believes in the power of networking and continuously seeks new opportunities to learn and develop. She is working towards obtaining her personal training certificate, aiming to inspire and mentor young athletes in their pursuit of excellence.

Gierhart's advice to students is to embrace opportunities, find joy in their pursuits and leverage their passions to create fulfilling careers. She encourages OHIO Chillicothe students to stay connected with advisors and seek guidance that will help them make informed decisions that shape their future.

Dacia Gierhart's story is one of perseverance, adaptability and community empowerment. Through her diverse roles, she has shown that dedication, a strong work ethic and a genuine desire to make a difference can lead to a fulfilling and successful life. With her unwavering commitment to her family, community and self-development, Gierhart continues to inspire others to follow their dreams and leave their mark on their community and the world.

August 17, 2023
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