Ohio University

University releases new, improved Calendar of University Events

Published: July 2, 2020 Author: From Staff Reports

Ohio University launched its new Calendar of University Events (CUE) system in late June.

The CUE, which can still be accessed through the URL https://calendar.ohio.edu, helps Ohio University students, faculty, and staff boost event promotions and offers users an easy-to-navigate interface. The system allows users to choose “virtual” as a location for the event.

Features of the new calendar include:

  • Ability for event publishers to easily incorporate photography to enhance their events
  • Better mechanisms for event promotion and marketing
  • Simpler event management process
  • Cleaner and more focused interface for students and campus community members to find events of interest to them
  • Easier sharing and event aggregation capabilities 

The new calendar is on the Localist platform. Localist primarily serves higher education clients on their event management and promotion platform.

Anyone can register with the calendar and start posting events by visiting calendar.ohio.edu. Click “Sign Up” at the top of the screen and choose “Log in with School ID.”

Any events in the previous calendaring system listed before April 1, 2020, were transferred to the new system.

University Communications and Marketing is developing training and resources for the new calendar system. If you are interested in personalized training, please contact Brandon Logan (loganb1@ohio.edu) for guidance.