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OHIO’s School of Art + Design launches new eCampus program for the Interior Architecture Bachelor’s degree

Published: May 28, 2020 Author: Staff reports

The Ohio University College of Fine Arts and the School of Art + Design is launching a new eCampus enrollment option for the Interior Architecture Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

This fully online program with flexible, full- and part-time options is ideal for students who excel in the virtual classroom environment and for working adults seeking an alternative enrollment choice to purse their passion for the study of interior design.

Increasingly, design practice is national and international in reach with many firms having studios and offices across the country and around the globe. Ohio University’s BFA in Interior Architecture eCampus program responds to this 21st century reality by harnessing technology and leveraging the idea of the virtual studio.

Acknowledging a human-centered approach to design practice, students will study interiors and create interior solutions through creative exploration and research, informed by a broad understanding of the wellbeing of those individuals for whom the interior is being designed.

Students will develop a foundation of knowledge in the areas of programming, space planning, materials application, interior construction, lighting design, sustainability, technical information (e.g. building codes and written specifications), and the integration of digital technology for both exploration and presentation of ideas.

Graduates of the program have a range of employment opportunities including studio practice, showroom management, sales, and marketing. Additionally, some students may choose to continue their education, utilizing their undergraduate experience as a springboard into graduate study.

“Interior design guides and defines our experiences in public spaces, places of work, places of worship, healthcare and assisted living spaces, corporate offices, in restaurants, and in hotels, just to name a few,” Julie Dummermuth, Director of the School of Art + Design, said. “Our students learn how architectural elements interact and synthesize to meet the physical, psychological, and social needs of people in a variety of settings.”

This new enrollment option is being welcomed as a natural extension of the face-to-face Interior Architecture program, offering flexible options to a rapidly changing landscape of degree-seeking students.

“We seek individuals who are sensitive to the use of materials and architectural detail, who enjoy drawing, constructing, and organizing objects and spaces,” Dummermuth said. “We’re offering a new degree of flexible study in the field of interior design, taught by industry experts. We see this as a natural extension to the face-to-face degree we’ve offered for many years.”

The eCampus enrollment option features flexible choices with start dates in spring, summer, and fall. Students can also choose to graduate sooner by taking advantage of a full offering of courses during the summer as well.

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