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Nihodilhil, The First World

KMA, First world

Nihodilhil, the First, or the Dark World was a black world, surrounded by four cloud columns.

White Dawn on the east, Blue Daylight on the south, Yellow Twilight on the west and Black Night on the North. In the beginning, only the Holy People, insects, black ants, bee people, wasp people, Devine Spirit and Coyote lived there. Later, First Man and First Woman were formed in the First World. First Man was formed where Black Cloud on the north met White Cloud on the east. First Woman was formed where Yellow Cloud on the west met Blue Cloud on the south. The supernatural beings First Man and First Woman came into being here, and met for the first time after seeing each other’s fire. The various beings on the First World started fighting with one another and departed by flying out an opening in the east. 

Nihodilhil, The First World