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– Janus – There's More To What You See

– Janus – There's More To What You See

Kennedy Museum Of Art, &
Ohio Museum Complex
Merging Concepts VI

This is the sixth in the series of annual Museum Studies Certificate exhibitions known as Merging Concepts. The program is trans-disciplinary as students represent a wide range of disciplines across the Ohio University Athens campus. Unlike in previous years, this is a virtual website-based exhibition due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Janus: There's More to What You See is the exhibition’s title and all content was developed, curated and designed by students in the 2019-20 program. Inspired by research on two primary objects, the class generated a big idea sentence — “Initial perception can mask other contexts.” Individual students were responsible for selecting, researching and interpreting a secondary object supported by their big idea. In addition, students created educational activities and supplemental materials that complement the big idea.                                                                                                            

A variety of objects from the collections of the Southeast Ohio History Center, and Ohio University units including Ohio University Libraries, Biomedical Sciences Department, Department of Sociology and Anthropology and Kennedy Museum of Art are featured. 

The Museum Studies Certificate is an academic program offered by the School of Art + Design and courses are taught by Kennedy Museum of Art staff. This program is possible thanks to our partners below who contribute their professional expertise and valuable collections.  


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