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February 17, 2019 : Communications major took a gap year before choosing OHIO's Lancaster Campus

by Sarah Shy 


abigail huffNewark High School graduate Abigail Huff is the third of four children. Growing up, Huff enjoyed playing softball and basketball, and participating in gymnastics. While in the fourth grade, she began playing the viola in the school orchestra. She was in the top orchestra at her high-school and was in the Ohio Music Education Association Regional Orchestra.


She didn’t immediately start college after graduation, but instead took a gap year to work. At a large restaurant chain, she would eventually become a trainer and have the opportunity to open their restaurant in Canton, Ohio. Her hard-work and promotions gave her the opportunity to move into her own apartment. After working in a customer service role for a while, Huff decided this wasn’t the career she wanted for the long-term.


Huff said she decided to enroll at Lancaster campus because of the convenient location of Lancaster’s campus, she has been able to work locally and stay in her apartment.


“This is my first year and so far, I really like college. Being on a regional campus is more affordable, but I do wish I could participate more in some of the organizations I am in.” she said.


Currently, Huff is writing for Her Campus and The Odyssey Online. She is also one of the social media assistants for Her Campus and assists the president with the Instagram for The Odyssey Online.


“I write at least one article a week. Both of these organizations help my writing improve and give me experience. As a social media assistant, I have to be creative and find content to post on Twitter and Instagram with the help of the social media manager and one other assistant. Being in these organizations, I have been able to meet some pretty great people.” Huff said.


When Huff started researching majors, she wanted something that would contribute to the career experience she already had. Her searching lead her to a Communications degree.


College has been a different experience for Huff. She said high-school was not enjoyable and felt forced, however, she likes college because she can be independent and productive on her own terms. Plus, she said she has enjoyed her instructors.


“I feel that I have been blessed with great professors so far and I hope for the same in the future.” she said.


After graduation Huff said she would like to be a reporter or manage a company’s social media accounts.


“If I went the reporter route, my main goal would be to become a White House correspondent. I would love to be able to write and report the important things that are going on in the country and the world. If I went the social media route, I would love to live in New York City and work in the city for a company that is woman lead and stands for equality. These goals will take a lot of work and dedication, but I’m willing to do it.” Huff said.


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