Ohio University


Steeped in symbolism and rooted in history, Ohio University’s tradition of private support is nearly as old as the University itself.

It began in 1816 when Christopher and Daniel Herrold forgave the debt for the purchase of 27,964 feet of lumber used to construct the institution’s very first academic building.

The iconic Cutler Hall, named in recognition of the University’s founder Manasseh Cutler, stands today as a result of this gift from the Herrold brothers.

In recognition of the pioneering spirit by which Ohio University was founded, the Cutler Herrold Society celebrates and honors the institution’s most generous, visionary and transformational benefactors.

The Cutler Herrold Society symbol pays homage to this legacy of giving. The Cutler Hall cupola stands proudly at the center of the shield calling forth the memory of Manasseh Cutler, a man whose vision, pioneering spirit and leadership founded this great institution. The shield is flanked by the numerals for 1804, the year Ohio University was established. The half-circle references the quarter-sawn pattern of raw timber, symbolic of that first gift from the Herrold brothers. The timber lines support the Cutler cupola, just like philanthropy from donors like you supports the University and its mission.

The resolution by The Ohio University Foundation Board of Trustees creating the Cutler Herrold Society, approved in June 2015, reads:

WHEREAS, both Ohio University and The Ohio University Foundation are strongly rooted in history and tradition and,

WHEREAS, The Ohio University Foundation has benefited greatly from the tremendous vision of philanthropists dedicated to the mission and vision of higher education, and, specifically, Ohio University and,

WHEREAS, The Ohio University Foundation recognizes the significant impact of transformational gifts on the institution – its students, its faculty and its facilities – and is tremendously grateful and indebted to this visionary group of philanthropic leaders, and

WHEREAS, the impact of private philanthropy has forever changed and shaped the landscape of Ohio University and impacted countless students providing critical support,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that The Ohio University Foundation on this day establishes the Cutler Herrold Society for the express purpose of recognizing the significant contributions of these philanthropic leaders, individuals and couples, whose support has garnered permanent and lasting change that forever impacts the present and future of Ohio University.