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This Is My Shot

This Is My Shot

In this photo series, OHIO students, faculty, and staff share their reasons for choosing to be vaccinated against COVID-19. By taking a leadership role in this critical public health issue on our campuses, these Bobcats hope to encourage others to protect our campuses and our communities by getting vaccinated. 

Get the COVID-19 Vaccine

Ohio University Bobcats Men's Basketball Coach, Jeff Boals

"After doing research and talking to trusted medical professionals, I felt it was important to get vaccinated for my personal health and the health of others around me. Getting vaccinated will help stop the pandemic."

Jeff Boals - Head Coach, OHIO Men's Basketball


Environmental portrait of Winsome Chunnu, Strategic Director for Diversity and Inclusion and Multicultural Programs and Initiatives

"I got the vaccine to protect myself and others. It is a part of our collective responsibility as a community. Being protected when I am attending dinners and concerts also factored into my decision."

Winsome Chunnu - Strategic Director for Diversity and Inclusion and Multicultural Programs and Initiatives

A exercise physiology student poses in front of a skeleton model in the classroom

"As a pre-health student, I want to protect my family and friends, and avoid putting an additional load on healthcare workers. COVID-19 can produce severe symptoms in people of any age, gender, race or demographic. Getting the COVID vaccine is an easy way to keep yourself and your loved ones safe."

Lane Cullums - Fourth-Year Student in Exercise Physiology

A graduate student poses on a theater stage in front of a backdrop

"Getting the COVID vaccine was the most equitable decision for my family, friends, and myself. I wanted to do my part in helping hospitals and healthcare workers handle the influx of patients. Now that I have the vaccine I feel safe being in places that I was cautious about because of crowds."

Roberto Di Donato - Graduate Student in Directing

Environmental portrait of Mario Grijalva, the Director of Infectious and Tropical Disease Institute, Department of Biological Sciences

"Every person who gets vaccinated helps stop the spread of the virus and reduces its chances to mutate into more dangerous forms. You can enjoy the activities you like, be with the people you like, and go where you like with peace of mind."

Mario Grijalva - Director of Infectious and Tropical Disease Institute, Department of Biological Sciences

VP for Student Affairs, Jenny Hall-Jones, poses in her office

"I received the vaccine as early as I possibly could! I wanted to be able to visit my 99-year-old grandmother, I wanted to be out and about in public, and I wanted to do my part to make our OHIO experience safe and normal for our students."

Jenny Hall-Jones - Interim Vice President for Student Affairs

A fourth-year student in music poses by a piano

"Getting the COVID-19 vaccine will not only protect yourself but those you love. It is a small sacrifice for a larger problem. It will allow you to enjoy being with friends and living a normal life once again."

Taae Hamid - Fourth-Year Student in Music

An indoor, close-up portrait of a communications student

"I wanted to feel more protected. We all want to go back to some form of normal. The way we can make that step is by insuring we are not only protecting ourselves, but others around us."

Demarje' Hogan - Third-Year Student in Communication Studies

Portrait of Elizabeth Jones, the Assistant Dean for Graduate Student Success College of Health Sciences and Professions

"I missed being with family, friends, and co-workers. I wanted to travel and wanted my college-age daughter to have those experiences she expected as a college student. The vaccines are safe and will allow us to return to a more normal life."

Elizabeth Jones - Assistant Dean for Graduate Student Success, College of Health Sciences and Professions

A music grad student poses for a portrait in front of the mural at Seigfred Hall

"I have older family members, immunocompromised family members, and family who live outside of the country. I want to be able to see and spend time with all of them. Getting the COVID vaccine, or any vaccine, is not just about you. It is about protecting yourself, your family, friends, and others."

Veronique Shaftel - Graduate Student in Music Education

A student smiles at the top of Baker Center during a portrait

"I wanted to be around my close friends and family. Being vaccinated gives me more confidence when I'm out in public. I feel like my normal self, before COVID. I like to enjoy the simple things like eating out and going to events."

Devon Taylor - Fourth Year Student in Exercise Physiology