Phi Delts after cooking meal

The brothers of Phi Delta Theta sit down together for a family meal after all their hard work completing the dishes.

Photo courtesy of: Melanie Quolke

Tristan Campbell cooks

Tristan Campbell chars and toasts the tomato and tomatillo for the Chichilo Mole Sauce.

Photo courtesy of: Melanie Quolke

The brothers of Phi Delta Theta learn from Chef Thomas Stevenson

The brothers of Phi Delta Theta watch Chef Thomas Stevenson as he teaches them the proper way to cut cauliflower.

Photo courtesy of: Melanie Quolke

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Phi Delta Theta partners with the Restaurant, Hotel and Tourism Program to provide a unique brotherhood experience

The Restaurant, Hotel and Tourism program within the Department of Human and Consumer Sciences in The Patton College of Education hosted the men of the Ohio Gamma Chapter of Phi Delta Theta for a Brotherhood Cooking Class on Trying New Foods on Sunday, December 2, from 6-9 p.m. in the McCracken Hall Demonstration Kitchen and Kitchen Laboratory.

“We were really happy to have the opportunity to get to use the facilities and have such a unique event. It really showcased how cooking can bring people together and strengthened our bond as brothers,” said Jayden McAdams, the next President of the Ohio Gamma Chapter of Phi Delta Theta.

Visiting Assistant Professor in Restaurant, Hotel and Tourism, Thomas Stevenson, led the group as head chef, guiding the brothers on how to properly cut ingredients, follow a recipe, and the importance of safety and communication when working in the kitchen with others.

“I am a little blown away because I have just come to learn that I have been cutting with a knife the wrong way my whole life,” said recruitment chair Matthew Ruzicka.

Stevenson is an avid proponent of showing students how food can bring people together, so when he was approached by the chapter of Phi Delta Theta, he was excited to help create a unique bonding experience for the group.

“Nourishment and fellowship partnered with an increased knowledge of foodways makes a recipe for healthier connections to each other and the greater society,” said Stevenson.

The brothers created three dishes: a Chichilo Mole Sauce, Cast Iron Shrimp Paella and a Roasted Cauliflower and Chickpea Salad with Lemon Tahini Dressing. For many of the brothers it was their first time trying such dishes and for others a deep part of their cultural heritage.

“My mother always makes Paella and I never knew how she actually did it. She’s going to be in for a surprise when I make it over the holiday break,” said Luis Medina, the current social media and public relations chair.

Each brother received a recipe book complete with the recipes they created together and monogramed with the Phi Delta Theta logo compliments of the Restaurant, Hotel and Tourism program.

“We hope to create these kinds of opportunities for organizations across campus, and the Ohio Gamma Chapter of Phi Delta Theta helped us pilot an event of this nature to give the department a better idea of how we can offer this to other organizations," said Melanie Quolke, administrative specialist for Human and Consumer Sciences and the University advisor for Phi Delta Theta. "With our unique facilities and the amazing faculty we have, the department as a whole is trying to figure out ways to maximize the use of the kitchens and provide a wide range of opportunities to our students.”