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Cutler Scholars

Photo courtesy of: Cutler Scholars

Cutler Scholars

Cutler Scholar Caroline Wilson with her mentor Doug Goetz

Photo courtesy of: Cutler Scholars

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Cutler Scholars Program recognizes outstanding mentors

Ten OHIO staff and faculty members were recognized as outstanding mentors at the Cutler Scholars Program’s Mentor Dinner on April 12.

Each year, graduating Cutler Scholars identify the mentors whose guidance, inspiration, and example have played a key role in their success.

Mentors are vital in helping students reach their full potential as scholars and leaders. According to the Director of the Cutler Scholars Program, Dr. Margaux Cowden, the most influential mentoring relationships are often informal, emerging organically as students clarify their goals and values. However, the significant work performed through informal mentorship often goes unacknowledged.

The Cutler Scholars Program created the Outstanding Mentor Dinner to thank and celebrate the faculty and staff who emerge as guiding figures in the lives of the Cutler Scholars.

Students identified mentors from offices across the university, in both academic and student affairs. During Wednesday's dinner each student expressed their gratitude, speaking briefly about their mentor’s impact on them. Caroline Wilson (Russ Legacy Cutler Scholar ’17) thanked Professor Doug Goetz for “offer[ing] me a position in his lab at a point in my life when I was so overwhelmed by my classes that I considered changing my major and giving up my scholarship—he believed in me even when I didn't believe in myself.…I don't think I would be the person I am today without his mentorship.” Hannah Clouser (Stocker Cutler Scholar ’17) shared that her mentor, Jivanto van Hemert, “constantly goes above and beyond to help the students he works with, and is never confined by his official duties….I've been honored to have a mentor and a friend to guide me through tough decisions and difficult tasks, and Jivanto deserves this recognition and more for being that mentor to me and many others in Senate.”

The event underscored the transformative quality of the educational experience Ohio University offers undergraduates.

As Katrina Heilmeier, Associate Director of Campus Relations for the OHIO Alumni Association, noted, "It is a rare treat to be able to stop and share with the people who influence me in positive ways. The Cutler Scholars Mentor dinner was an extremely impactful moment for me and many other mentors. To see and hear the impressions faculty, staff, and graduate students have made on our current students was truly inspiring."

The Cutler Scholars Program's Outstanding Mentors for 2017 are:

  • David Denison, Graduate Assistant for Leadership and Outreach, CLDC
  • Jivanto van Hemert, Graduate Assistant for Student Senate
  • Dr. Brooke Hallowell, Professor of Communication Sciences and Disorders
  • Jeremy Miller, Resident Director of the Carr/Sowle Complex
  • Ann Lacomb, Pre-Professional Advisor, Biological Sciences
  • Garratt Weber, Assistant Director, Upward Bound
  • Katrina Heilmeier, Associate Director of Campus Relations, OHIO Alumni Association
  • Dr. Butch Hill, Outgoing Director of the Cutler Scholars Program
  • Heather Thomas, Assistant Director of Event Management
  • Dr. Doug Goetz, Professor of Chemical and Bimolecular Engineering