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Zanesville Campus to participate in It Can Wait campaign

Program asks drivers to commit to not text while driving

On Sept. 19, It Can Wait advocates will ask drivers to make a personal commitment to not text while driving and to recruit others to do the same during the national Drive 4 Pledges Day. As part of the effort, Ohio University Zanesville will be hosting a program presented by AT&T to encourage residents to take the pledge. The event will be held in Elson Hall Auditorium beginning at 7 p.m. and is free and open to the community.

Drivers are encouraged to take the pledge online, ask five other people to vow never to text and drive, or to simply share the pledge and what it means to them through social media channels. A sample post might be: "No text is worth a life. Join me and @ATT to take action against texting while driving."

Drivers who read or send texts while behind the wheel are more likely to cause crashes – often leading to life-changing injuries and deaths. To put an end to texting and driving, AT&T launched the It Can Wait campaign to educate and create awareness of the risks.

For more ideas on how to get involved or for information about the risks of texting and driving, visit ItCanWait.com.