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Renea Morris

Renea Morris, Executive Director of University Communications and Marketing

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Branding OHIO with a new brand position

Ohio University students stand apart because of the experiences they have in a place that fosters and celebrates the power of the individual.

Signs of the new branding campaign for Ohio University are becoming apparent online and in person with graphics on the home page ohio.edu and banners hanging in various areas around campus.

After five successful years of the Promise campaign and three years of collaboration and consideration with campus constituents about the next evolution of OHIO's brand, "it's you" emerged.

Brands help us make choices but more importantly, they also bring reassurance that you've made the right choice. An effective brand emerges from an organization's values and culture, and it reflects an in-depth understanding of the customer's needs and perceptions. When developing the new brand position for Ohio University, there were several proof points that confirmed why "it's you" works. Students and alums alike described their OHIO experience in similar ways.

"It feels great to have a professor care about my interests and give me advice on how to reach the goals that I have for myself."

"One thing I realized when I came to Ohio University was that I was surrounded by people who are dedicated to learning."

"Here, you're not just one of thousands of students. You are an important person, and you also are part of a community."

When developing the creative concepts, we wanted to convey the idea of being able to see oneself at OHIO. We heard that Ohio University really seemed to fit in prospective students' minds what a college should look like and how the experience should feel. It was also important to find a concept that would enable students to make the experience personal.

The concept "it's you" embodies the experience at Ohio University in a way that is unique and powerful for each person. With the message, we're saying that Ohio University is the perfect fit. It's you.

The following statement can drive the content for our messages regarding our position:

Ohio University strives to be the best student-centered, transformative learning community in America through an accessible, engaging student experience. Ohio University is a place that fosters and celebrates the uniqueness of individuals, and empowers them to transform their aspirations into achievements.

Part of a comprehensive, university-wide branding initiative, our charge and our challenge was to establish a more consistent and deliberate approach to marketing university-wide. Using the underlying message of "it's you," Undergraduate Admissions, University Human Resources, and OHIO's regional campuses will be showcasing versions of the brand that will resonate with their audiences in promotional materials.

On Sept. 4, the University community is invited to a premiere of four new TV commercials, which were created to undergird the recruitment efforts of Undergraduate Admissions this fall.

In Compass articles in the coming weeks, you'll see how our regional campuses are presenting a first-class Ohio University brand while honoring the uniqueness of each community they serve and how University Human Resources will express a unique message to faculty and staff as well.