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Scheduled outages to affect several buildings

The South Green Electric Upgrades Project has two upcoming scheduled power outages required to install new electrical switchgear. This project will provide for increased capacity and reliability to much of the Athens Campus electrical distribution system.

The first outage will start the evening of Tuesday, July 22 at 11 p.m., with an estimated duration of 8 hours. Power will be restored by 7 a.m. on Wednesday, July 23.  

The following buildings will be affected:
Alden Library  
Bryan Hall
Clippinger Annex (will experience short outage within the 8 hour duration)
Ellis Hall
Edwards Accelerator Laboratory
Galbreath Chapel
Gordy Hall
McKee House
Scott Quadrangle
Tupper Hall
Upper Campus Grounds Shop
Walter International Center
Wilson Administration Building on the Main Green

The second outage will start on the evening of Friday, July 25 at 11 p.m. with an estimated duration of 20 hours. Power will be restored the evening of Saturday July 26.

The following buildings will be affected:
Adams Hall
Armbruster House
Atkinson House
Brough House
Brown Hall
Cady House
Clippinger Laboratories (only two hours at the beginning and end of the outage)
Crawford Hall
Dougan House
Ewing House
Fenzel House
Foster House
Hoover House
Housing Phase 1 Project
MacKinnon Hall
Martzolff House
Nelson Dining Hall
O’Blenness House
Pickering Hall
Smith House
South Green Chiller
True House
Weld House
Wray House

A shorter outage will take place on Saturday, July 26, at 1 a.m. (during the second outage noted above) with an estimated duration of 4 hours.  

The following buildings will be affected:
Central Food Facility
Chessa Field
Convocation Center
Goldsberry Track
Grosvenor Hall
Grosvenor West
James Hall
Parks Hall
Pruitt Field
Softball Complex
Stocker Center
Treudley Hall
Wilson West Green
Wren Stadium

Please be aware that building temperatures may be warmer than usual during these times. The street, parking lot, and sidewalk lighting surrounding the above buildings will also be affected.  

Please direct questions and concerns to Brody Bauers by calling (740) 593-2727. A reminder e-mail will be sent out one week prior to the outages. Thank you for your patience and understanding.