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Human Resources to use program to gauge customer satisfaction

On May 1, Ohio University Human Resources will begin using the Footprints application to track customer requests and questions, in manner similar to that of OIT.

Customers will be asked for their OHIO ID and surveyed regarding their satisfaction with how their issue has been resolved. To avoid inundating frequent customers with surveys, only one survey will be sent to a customer in a rolling six-week period. Customers are encouraged to take a few moments to complete the survey to let UHR what it is doing well and identify areas in which it can improve.
Human Resources will use the data gathered to more strategically address satisfaction, resolution time and efficiency in terms of services provided to customers.

Customers should continue to contact UHR as they normally would. The Footprints application will be utilized during normal business hours; UHR will not use a 24/7 web portal (as used by OIT) for customers to enter tickets directly into the system at this time.

Questions about UHR’s utilization of the Footprints application may be directed to Nick Wortman at wortmann@ohio.edu.