Zachary Riffle

Photo courtesy of: Zachary Riffle

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Ohio University Lancaster student first to register for semester classes

An Ohio University Lancaster campus student transitioning to Athens was the first student to register for classes under the new semester system. Zachary Riffle, of Circleville, said it was a simple process and went off without a hitch.

 “I just went online and there was something where you could add classes to your planner, but not actually register. So I did that and then all I had to do was click 'Submit,'” said Riffle.

Ohio University is in the process of transitioning from quarters to semesters. The first semester will begin on Aug. 27 and the registration process is starting now.

Relocation Orientation Day was held on Friday, May 11, for students who are starting classes in Athens after spending time at a regional campus. Students are permitted to register for classes while at the orientation.

“One of the things that we think is important is to give our relocating students that are coming to the Athens campus first crack at all the classes because we want to make sure that they transition well,” said Jenny Klein, assistant dean for persistence and student success. “We weren’t exactly sure who was going to be the first to register for semesters because the relocate orientation happens in many locations.”

Riffle, a biological science major, had been planning what classes he would take in Athens since February, so the process was easy. He said he was ready to hit the submit button when one of the orientation assistants told him to go ahead and register.

“I didn’t know I was the first one to register for semesters” said Riffle. “Then, one of my friends on Facebook sent me a message and told me I was the first person to register. I couldn’t believe it. I guess that’s what happens when you’re prepared.”

Riffle will get a gift card to Baker Center for being the first student to register for semester classes at Ohio University.

Klein said the registration process went really well for all those who attended Relocation Orientation Day.

 “It was as smooth as it could be. We had three students that found a glitch in the system regarding labs and lectures, but it was easily fixed,” said Klein.

Riffle has been taking classes at Ohio University Lancaster and Ohio University Chillicothe for the past two years. The 20-year-old was one of 97 attendees at Relocation Day.