Incoming students of OHIO alumni will have incentives to follow their parents' footsteps.

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University offers tuition award for children of alumni

Beginning with new students enrolling in fall 2012, Ohio University will offer incentives to the children of alumni living outside Ohio who want to continue the Bobcat family tradition.

The OHIO Next Generation Award will be given to any full-time Athens Campus freshman or transfer student who is required to pay the non-resident surcharge and whose parent(s) or legal guardian(s) hold a degree from Ohio University. Currently, the non-resident surcharge is $8,964.

"The university has a long and rich history of commitment to our alumni and recognizes the value and prominence of over 200,000 degree-holding graduates," said Craig Cornell, vice provost for enrollment management, the office sponsoring the award. "The OHIO Next Generation Award is an extension of our alumni commitment to bring sons and daughters into the university family."

Development of this award also aligns with the university's long-term enrollment and diversity goals, which identifies the need to increase out-of-state enrollments, Cornell added. Undergraduate Admissions staff is working closely with the Alumni Association and alumni chapters throughout the country in out-of-state recruitment efforts.

Out-of-state enrollments have been on the rise with a 12.1 percent increase in freshman enrollments . The Next Generation award effort is also consistent with the Ohio state government effort to increase the flow of educated workers into Ohio.

Often referred to as "legacy awards," such incentives are becoming increasingly commonplace among American colleges and universities.

"Undergraduate Admissions and Alumni Association staff regularly receive inquiries about a similar award here, so we knew there was a great interest among our out-of-state alumni," said Graham Stewart, executive director of the Alumni Association.

For some time, undergraduate applications have requested the applicant indicate if one or both parents is an alumnus. During the 2010-11 academic year, 77 non-resident applicants to the Athens campus in the freshman class claimed legacy status, resulting in 13 enrolled students. Those claiming legacy will be required to provide additional information to verify their status for full consideration of the award, Cornell said.

The award is renewable for new first-year students for up to a total of eight undergraduate semesters, and new transfer students will be eligible for renewal for up to a total of four undergraduate semesters. Renewal requires a minimum annual cumulative 3.0 grade point average.

Legacy awards are not exclusive to out-of-state students.  Children of alumni residing within Ohio are eligible to apply for other legacy scholarships available through the Alumni Association. More information may be found at