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The Q2S Resources Fair is on Oct. 5, 1-4 p.m. on Baker Center’s second floor.

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Q2S Resources Fair is Wednesday

The countdown is on to semesters. OHIO has entered the final academic year on a quarters-based calendar and now transition advising takes the spotlight in the Q2S initiative.

A Q2S resources fair on Oct. 5, 1-4 p.m. on Baker Center’s second floor, kicks off the year of advising. College representatives will be on hand to answer student questions about timeline and the transition advising process. Plus, students who attend have a chance to register to win an iPod Touch or one of several Bobcat Essentials gift cards. Free ice cream will an added treat.

Transition advising won’t begin officially until at least Oct. 17, and in many departments transition advising may not take place until winter or even spring quarter. During transition advising the student and transition advisor will work together to map out the courses the student will take through the rest of his or her college years. That plan of coursework will be documented in the TDCP, Transition Degree Completion Plan, which will become a part of the student’s record.

In essence, the TDCP becomes an agreement between the university and the transition student—a student who has taken some courses but will finish their degree in semesters-- will need to take in semesters to meet the requirements for graduation .The university has made a commitment to students that if they follow the completed and approved TDCP and make acceptable progress toward a degree they will graduate within the same term as they would have if OHIO had remained on a quarters-based system. Additionally, the pledge promises their cost for tuition will not be greater as a result of being on semesters.

That is one of the reasons transition advising is so important—to assure the student has a clearly defined path so she isn’t disadvantaged by the change in academic calendar.

Each student will be expected to meet individually with a transition advisor on the schedule set by the department or school. Students will be notified directly by the department when they should make the appointment, but students can find out what quarter to expect the advising notification by visiting the department’s Q2S Web page. Links to all department pages are at www.ohio.edu/q2s/departments. Most departments already have information posted and all departments, and the regional campuses, will have pages up in October. Most pages include other information, such as how long to expect the advising meeting to last, what the student should do to prepare, and who the transition advisor will be.

The transition advisor may be the student’s regular academic advisor or may be a Q2S specific advisor, depending on the department’s advising plan. The student and advisor will work in partnership to develop the TDCP, which they will both sign. The completed plan will be reviewed and approved by the department and the college prior to being finalized. The final plan will be uploaded to the student’s Student Center so he can access and refer to it in future terms.

Wednesday’s event is a chance for students to learn more about what to expect with Q2S transition advising.