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Provost and VPFA offer OHIO a RCM update

On Tuesday, Executive Vice President and Provost Pam Benoit and Vice President for Finance and Administration Stephen Golding sent an email to all Ohio University faculty and staff to share updates on Responsibility Centered Management-related activities that happened over Winter Break.

Dear Colleagues:

We want to provide you with an update on Responsibility Centered Management (RCM)-related activities that have taken place over Winter Break along with some sense of next steps.  

Motivating our work on this project is the need to make progress on devising an approach that rationalizes resource allocation and maximizes the ability of all units to support the activities we value: inspired teaching and research, innovative academic programs, exemplary student support services and integrative co-curricular activities.

On Dec. 9, Ohio University hosted the first in a series of University-wide events designed to expand our understanding of budgeting in RCM based systems. A panel of distinguished guests from the University of Delaware, Indiana University, the University of Michigan and the Huron Consulting Group shared insights into the opportunities and challenges of RCM budgeting for institutions of higher education.

The RCM Day of Learning was well attended and well received by faculty and staff. We are grateful to those who set aside time to participate. For those who could not attend, we urge you to review the archived video of the opening remarks, panel discussion, and afternoon session found here:

Also in December, the Huron Consulting Group continued its efforts on two fronts:

  • Assisting the RCM Steering Committee with the creation of draft RCM principles.  

  • Helping to validate and extend the draft version of the budget model currently being developed by the deans.  

We anticipate holding open forums at the end of February to share the draft principles and the proposed budget model. To assist the University community in learning more about key elements of RCM systems, we will deploy an RCM website before the February forums.

As we work on the development of an RCM approach for Ohio University, we find ourselves building on foundations that were laid by participants in the Vision Ohio process. We are grateful for their efforts and for the open-mindedness that we have encountered across the University regarding the possibilities and the practicalities of a new budgeting approach.  


Pam Benoit
Executive Vice President and Provost

Steve Golding
Vice President Finance and Administration