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College of Business sees success in ComDocs pilot test

ComDoc implementation already seeing positive results

Ohio University's College of Business has already saved paper and funds through the ComDoc pilot test.

Since ComDoc's implementation, the college has consolidated its print resources to 15 network printers. Over time, the College of Business can expect the number of desktop printers, approximately 85, to continue to shrink as the printers' cost and support needs eventually reduce their usefulness to faculty, staff and students.

In the first three weeks of the winter quarter, the College of Business saw a 62 percent drop in paper consumption over the average for that time period. Due to the Print Job Release Function, the college has seen a 50-70 percent reduction in paper waste.

But, the pilot has not just been saving on paper. It has saved time. Student worker time spent addressing print concerns such as paper refills, cartridge replacements and troubleshooting have dropped by more than half since the pilot began.

"Before ComDoc arrived, our document situation really struggled. Failing printers and spiraling costs plagued us," explained Adam Yulish, computer lab manager in the College of Business. "Now, we feature printers with a much wider range of options. In the first three weeks of winter quarter, student paper consumption dropped by an average of 62 percent. Plus, ComDoc does all of our printer maintenance, alleviating us from such a notoriously time-consuming duty."  

The new system is also more efficient. Since the adoption of ComDocs, lost and misdirected student print jobs have dropped to virtually zero.

"We're seeing positive reactions in surprising places. For instance, students love the stapler accessory on each device," Yulish said. "Faculty and staff love the tremendous scanning features. Students now have much greater control over what and where they choose to print."

New Print Responsibly website

More information about Ohio University's cost and paper-saving initiatives can be found on the Print Responsibly website.

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