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Changes to alcohol and marijuana sanctioning guidelines to become effective in fall

Vice President for Student Affairs Kent Smith has accepted the recommendations of a task force charged with reviewing the sanctioning protocol for alcohol and marijuana violations.

The current judicial protocol was implemented five years ago and has met with significant success. But, due to a slight increase in the number of judicial violations for both alcohol and marijuana during the 2010-11 academic year, Smith charged a task force with reviewing this protocol and making recommendations for changes and enhancements.

The task force, chaired by Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students Ryan Lombardi, was comprised of seven OHIO students and three staff members who met throughout the spring quarter of 2011.

Recommended changes include:

  • The implementation of a fine for students who are found responsible for violating these policies; the revenue generated from these fines will be allocated for student programming designed to offset high-risk behaviors that occur on and around campus
  • The creation of an alternative program for those students facing first-time suspension for alcohol or marijuana violations
  • Enhanced marketing efforts to better educate students about the current and new sanctions that accompany alcohol and marijuana offenses

"The task force felt that we currently have a very good foundation with our sanctioning protocol, but recommended several additional educational and marketing components to both raise student awareness of the current protocol and to better educate them about the possible consequences that could result from poor decision-making. I was very pleased with the task force’s work, and applaud their commitment to working to keep OHIO students safe and well-informed," said Lombardi.

The changes will go into effect in the fall when students return to campus. Over the summer, Lombardi will work with the staff in University Judiciaries and the Campus Involvement Center to implement the task force’s recommendations.