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Athletic training students’ video aims for the prize

Videos with the most views will continue in the competition

Students in Ohio University’s Athletic Training Program (AT) are hoping to share some laughs and information about the program with their new, student-produced video as part of a nationwide competition. The videos with the most views will continue in the competition.

The National Athletic Training Student Committee (NATSC), a sub-committee of the National Athletic Training Association (NATA), is holding the competition in an effort to promote both National Athletic Training Month and the profession of athletic training.

The contest promotes the field of athletic training by capturing the heart of the profession on film. The rules of the contest ensure that each video contains factual information while creatively promoting the profession.

The NATSC will vote on a winner from among the top 10 videos with the most views by March 10. The winning video, the students involved and the university will be recognized at the NATSC’s national meeting being held in New Orleans this year.

According to one of the student producers, Chrissie Mason, “The goal of the OU athletic training students was to create a video that not only caught the attention of the viewer but was also factual. Matt Mendel, a freshman AT student, wrote the memorable lyrics to the song and Bailey Blakemore, a freshman AT student, did most of the choreography for the video.”

Several other AT students had key roles in the creation of the video, including Alisa Resnick, Conner Turk and Nick Massie. However, many more undergraduate students and graduate students also participated in the filming.