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Administrative Senate welcomes new officers

Several senator positions still available

A new contingent of officers was voted in for fiscal year 2010-11 at today's final Administrative Senate meeting of the summer.

Lisa Kamody will assume leadership as chair of Administrative Senate, while Scott Carpenter will serve as vice chair. Last term, Kamody and Carpenter served as vice chair and secretary, respectively.

New to the officer ranks are Treasurer Jim Sand and Secretary Cathy Waller. Sand and Waller have each served as representatives to Administrative Senate in the past.

"We've got a great administrative group, and we're really supportive of the university," said former chair Beth Lydic, who stepped down from the position after one year of service due to the realignment of the Patton College of Education and Human Services, where she currently works as an administrative and financial officer.

"The chair position really allowed me to see how everything comes together at the university and all the pieces that make up this place," Lydic said. "I really appreciated getting to see all of that. And I'll miss it."

Lydic will continue to serve as an Administrative Senate member in the coming term. Others who were re-elected to two-year terms include Karen Dahn, Andrew Stuart, Connie Romine, Angela Davis, Jean Demosky, Vijayanand Nadella, Patti Barnes, Lisa Dael, Amanda Hobson, David Carpenter, Cristina Milligan, Karen Deardorff, Eileen Theodore-Shusta, Thea Arocho, David Dudding, Juan Cueto, Eric Clift, Gwendolyn Whitehead, and Rosanna St. Clair.

Newly elected senators include Joshua Bodnar, Jeremy Dennison, Amy Dean, Marjorie Mora, Deborah Daniels, Wendy Kaaz and Adam Riehl.

There are still three vacant seats within Administrative Senate, which can be viewed at http://www.adminsenate.ohio.edu/roster.htm. Anyone interested in those positions should contact Kamody at Kamody@ohio.edu.