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Candace Boeninger

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Interim director of undergraduate admissions appointed

Candace Boeninger has been appointed interim director of undergraduate admissions effective July 1. Since 2008, Boeninger has served as associate director for communication, technical operations, and transfer admission in the office of undergraduate admissions.

Boeninger will step into a role that has been held since August 2009 by Melanie Hayden. Vice Provost for Enrollment Management Craig Cornell thanked Hayden for her outstanding work as interim director over the past year. 

“Melanie has led the office through another successful recruiting year. Her professionalism and dedication to the university are second to none as evidenced by the fact that she put some of her professional interests aside to serve in the interim director role,” noted Cornell. “I’m glad that she will have a chance to refocus on the things that she is most passionate about.” 

Hayden will resume her position as associate director of multicultural recruitment.

Boeninger has been part of the office of undergraduate admissions since 2002.  In her time at Ohio University, she has been instrumental in developing new approaches to recruitment communication including the use of social media and targeted marketing as well as implementing and overseeing systems and processes relating to recruitment travel, territory management, campus visit programming, transfer admission, and yield strategies.  Boeninger is also the undergraduate admissions project manager for the implementation of Talisma, a customer relationship management (CRM) system. 

Cornell noted that Boeninger’s contributions to undergraduate admissions’ success have been significant. 

“Candace has been the lead staff member responsible for our overall communications, transfer enrollment, and much of the targeted, strategic technical operations necessary to achieve our record enrollments,” Cornell said.  “Her work in moving the office of undergraduate admissions forward with both technology and targeted student recruitment are key to her being appointed to the interim director position.” 

Cornell also indicated that the depth and breadth of Boeninger’s experience will allow her to provide strong leadership at a time of transition for undergraduate admissions.

Establishment of the CRM will allow the office to recruit students far more effectively and efficiently as will the university’s move to a Peoplesoft student information system.  However, taking full advantage of their functionality will require a rethinking of many recruitment functions and office operations.   

“Having Candace as interim director will allow us the opportunity to adapt our structure and processes as we begin to integrate Peoplesoft and the CRM into all of our recruitment efforts,” said Cornell.  “As a result of the work that will take place in the upcoming academic year, we will be in a better position to continue our search for a permanent director.”

Boeninger stated that she was pleased to have the opportunity to provide leadership during an important time of innovation and change for the office. 

“In undergraduate admissions I have the honor of working with a team of talented, energetic professionals who are dedicated to increasing access and opportunity for prospective students and their families,” she said.  “I look forward to leading the team and working with faculty and staff across campus to build upon our strong enrollment foundation.”