Make a Gift
Make a Gift

OHIO prepares to launch The Promise Within Faculty & Staff Campaign in March

Heather Anerino | Jan 28, 2013

Introducing OHIO’s Tri-Chairs

We are pleased to introduce The Promise Within Faculty & Staff Campaign tri-chairs - strong advocates for OHIO who have graciously offered their time, effort and resources in support of this important cause.

Sam Crowl spacer Name: Sam Crowl
Years of service
: 42

Crowl is a trustee professor of English emeritus and continues to teach one to two courses per year. He is a founding fellow of the Ping Institute for the Teaching of the Humanities, a former chair of Faculty Senate and former dean of University College.  He is the author of five books on various aspects of Shakespeare in performance and was twice selected as a University Professor.


Howard Dewald spacer

: Howard Dewald
Years of service
: 26

Dewald is the senior associate dean for the College of Arts and Sciences. He is a professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry and served as interim dean of the College from July 2011, through July 2012. He was the recipient of the College’s Grasselli Brown Faculty Teaching Award, having taught many undergraduate and graduate courses since he began as an assistant professor at OHIO in 1986.


Kim Hayden spacer

Name: Kim Hayden
Years of service
: 30

Hayden serves as assistant to the executive dean for regional higher education as well as assistant to the vice provost for eLearning OHIO and strategic partnerships. Hayden joined the Office of Regional Higher Education (RHE) in 1996 as a senior secretary. Prior to joining the Office of RHE, she served as the secretary to the dean in the College of Business and worked for University’s Advancement’s Office of Gift Planning.

Our collective Promise

OHIO faculty, staff, friends, donors and volunteers have long understood the value of investing in the Promise of Ohio University and its mission. Whatever our role or relationship to OHIO, we each play an integral part in providing the resources and infrastructure necessary for our students and faculty to continue to discover new ways of learning; strengthen the intellectual fabric of our region; and uncover solutions to some of the world’s most pressing economic and social concerns.

Hayden, who works in an area dedicated to serving students, has seen first-hand the impact that private dollars have on students’ lives. “I have witnessed the impact that scholarships have provided for students who might not otherwise be able to achieve their educational goals,” she said. “I believe that giving back is a way each of us can help students obtain a premiere education and provide even more opportunities to improve the ways in which we deliver education.”

Our collective participation in The Promise Within Faculty and Staff Campaign also offers a tremendous opportunity to show our support for this great institution and inspire confidence in other alumni, friends, parents, foundations, corporations and donors – the lifeblood of our institution. According to Crowl, even the smallest gift “can inspire even greater giving by alumni and friends of the University.”

Dewald, who has benefited from private gifts in the past, believes that “giving to the University shows support for its mission, students, faculty and staff,” he said.  “As a new faculty member in the mid-1980s, I received the Grasselli Brown Faculty Teaching Award, which allowed me to work with students in the lab and pursue research during the summer.”

In a time of economic uncertainty, there is one thing of which we are certain: OHIO’s faculty, staff, donors and friends are second to none. And we are confident that The Promise Within Faculty and Staff Campaign will further demonstrate our collective strength, power and belief in the Promise of Ohio University.

During our last major fundraising effort, The Bicentennial Campaign, faculty and staff led the way – committing more than $10.7 million in support of Ohio University. The outlook for The Promise Within Campaign is even more exciting: Some units are already on pace for record-setting engagement, with pre-launch participation levels up to 78 percent. With a start like that, we are sure to succeed.  

Crowl, who served as a co-chair during the Bicentennial Campaign, believes strongly in the commitment of our faculty, staff and friends and our ability to chart the course for success in this Campaign. “Most of us have seen the impact that private dollars have had on moving Ohio University into the top tier of public universities,” he said. “Our faculty and staff, active and retired, are committed to Ohio University and are pleased to respond when a major capital campaign is organized. We realize our gifts will not reach the monetary stature of the Stockers, Russes and Konnekers, but they do demonstrate our confidence in the University where we have devoted our lives.”

According to Dewald, there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to philanthropic endeavors. “[Philanthropic support] can come in many forms - donating time, providing financial support and sharing expertise,” he said. “It shows you are interested in the organization – and in this case – higher education.”

For Hayden, it is not the size of the gift that matters. “Give whatever amount you feel comfortable giving,” she said. “No matter the amount, you can make a difference.” For her, the ultimate benefit of philanthropic giving comes in the impact. “What matters is seeing students accomplish their dreams of earning a degree,” she said.