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OHIO Expert

David Holben, Ph.D.

Acting Associate Dean, College of Health Sciences and Professions
Associate Director of Nutrition
Professor of Nutrition

School of Applied Health Sciences and Wellness
College of Health Sciences and Professions


Dr. Holben studies the problems of food insecurity - meaning families lacking the resources to feed themselves. Lack of food supply is frequently reported in other countries, but Holben says there is epidemic lack of food and hunger in the United States - more of a need than many may realize.

According to his research, millions of people lack access to food in the U.S., though there are not the levels of starvation here that are seen in some developing countries, there is food insecurity, which has negative nutritional and non-nutritional outcomes on individuals across the nation.

In 2010, Holben was awarded a Fulbright grant to create a community garden project as part of a healthy, local food system. His sustainable project - which bested proposals submitted by dozens of other Fulbright winners - provides hands-on gardening training and promotes other sustainable activities in the community that will contribute to developing a healthy local food system.

According to Holben, the project, titled ECOhio, is greatly needed because if all Americans consumed the daily recommended amounts of fruits and vegetables, the nation would annually need an additional 7.6 million acres of fruit and 6.5 million acres of vegetables to meet the demand.

After completing the ECOhio project, Holben plans to present methods and outcomes at national professional association meetings so that the program can be replicated in other communities.

Holben at a Glance:

  • Expert in food insecurity - the lack of resources for food - and which families are more likely to suffer
  • Understanding of key contributors to the hunger epidemic in the U.S.
  • How food insecurity relates to health and how nutrition is sacrificed when people with food insecurity have to make choices
  • How hunger and malnutrition could be reversed

Holben's Media Placements include:

  • The Telegraph
  • St. Louis Globe Democrat
  • United Press International wire

Access to Adequate Food

Areas of Expertise

Food Insecurity, Hunger, Nutrition, Sustainable Gardening

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