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How reading comprehension can boost math scores

High school students who want to ace the math section of the ACT should brush up on their reading skills, according to an Ohio University study. Read More  

Instructional technology students explore how video games can trigger emotional responses

Two Ohio University graduate students created “The Things We Carry,” a location-based videogame that takes its users on a journey of the protagonist’s last lap around Athens before catching a flight to Australia. Read More  

Finding what’s left unsaid—and not shown—in film

From art house flicks to Saturday afternoon popcorn movies, films can act as a mirror to our collective desires and fears. But cinema scholars such as Ofer Eliaz also are fascinated by what they leave out. Read More  

How Pauline Frederick paved the way for female broadcast journalists

A pioneer in journalism, Pauline Frederick broke into broadcasting at a time when few women were in its ranks. Marilyn Greenwald, professor of journalism at Ohio University, spent more than three years researching Frederick’s life and career for her book Pauline Frederick Reporting: A Pioneering Broadcaster Covers the Cold War. Read More