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Ohio University achieves an international ranking in Computer Science from TopCoder

March 30, 2006

Ohio University is now ranked among the top schools in the world in computer programming (computer science), according to TopCoder.com. TopCoder.com holds weekly on-line programming contests and competitors are rated based on their performance in these contests against other competitors. TopCoder ranks schools by computing an aggregate rating of all competitors (full-time students) from a given school. Ohio University currently ranks 34th out of 48 ranked schools. (See http://www.topcoder.com/stat?c=school_avg_rating for the full list of ranked schools.) As of 3/30/2006, the list of ranked schools contained many of the top universities in the world, including Warsaw University (#1), Tsinghua University (Beijing China #4), MIT (#7), Stanford (#8), University of Toronto (#13), University of Texas, Austin (#22), Duke (#24), UC-Berkeley (#27), Georgia Tech (#29), Carnegie Mellon (#30), India Institute of Technology, Madras (#32), and the University of Kentucky (#45).


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