Brand Standards for Ohio University

Web Fonts 

The official fonts for Ohio University are Galliard (serif) and Frutiger (sans serif), but those fonts are not available for Web use. OHIO websites rely on CSS to display two alternative and compatible fonts that are kept on our server. Those fonts are Bergamo Pro and CartoGothic Pro.

If you need these fonts for mock-up purposes, you will need to buy a license. Otherwise you can create your mock-ups using the official University fonts and they will be replaced with the serif and sans serif Web versions when the site goes live.

Please contact Web Services for more information about purchasing a license for the OHIO Web fonts.

For official University websites that are not hosted on a Web Services server, it is also acceptable to use the common fonts Georgia for Galliard and Times New Roman for Frutiger.

The Web is the only medium that allows for substitution of the official University fonts within these parameters.

Font options

Optional web fonts are Bergamo Pro and CartoGothic Pro